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  • Watch the beginning cut scene of the game.

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As you enter the game for the first time on a new character, you will watch a lore cut scene, then you will hear someone prompt you that it is time to wake up. You will awaken in the Akarios Plains.

The lore cut scene tells you of an endless war in the Abyss, fought for Elysea and Aion, against the cursed Asmodians and the Balaur. You will then see a Dredgion appear as the cut scene goes on to explain that before the Cataclysm all people fought as one against the Balaur. Since the Asmodians slaughtered the first Legion that entered their half-lit world, the war has continued. Your fight was here, while you still remembered your past, and your future.

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You seemed to have fallen asleep in front of a tree. Still dreaming, you heard a familiar voice shouting at you to wake up. When you awoke, you felt like you'd forgotten something very important.

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