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  • Watch the beginning cut scene of the game.

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As you enter the game for the first time on a new character, you will watch a lore cut scene, then you will hear someone prompt you that it is time to wake up. You will awaken in the Aldelle Basin.

The lore cut scene tells you of a war without end in the Abyss, fought against two enemies; the suncursed Elyos and the hated Balaur. In this war you will lose friends, but you are an Asmodian Daeva, you were born to fight this war for eternity, for Asmodae. It is your destiny to walk and fly on the shadow of Azphel.

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You began to feel light-headed and woozy while trying to catch Spriggs. You ended up blacking out. When you woke up, you felt strange. Though you couldn't figure out why.

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