The construction of Primum

Primum Fortress is the Asmodian fortress in Reshanta. The very first fortress in the Abyss made by Daevas, it was also the location for the first Abyss Battle. Protected by the magic of Lady Lumiel, the fortress is impenetrable, and invaders will be met with instant death. Bathed in the red tinted light of Reshanta, Primum Fortress resembles somewhat of a fortress from hell.


Primum Fortress has a government similar to that of a colony. Ruled by Governor, he commands the Abyssal Brigade Generals and any Asmodian Daeva that chooses to partake in fighting in the Abyss. The two main legions that act as Asmodae's Abyssal army is the Red Hasia Legion and Thunder Shout Legion. The Red Hasia Legion is made up solely of scouts; their duty is espionage, assassination, and looting. Most of the Red Hasia Legion's armor is either constructed from Balaur materials or deceased armor collected from Ancient Warriors. The Thunder Shout Legion is made up solely of warriors; their duty is raw power and combat. The Thunder Shout Legion is not one to mess with. It is unclear if there are other class dominated legions, but it can be assumed that there exists a powerful mage legion that is commanded by Lady Lumiel.


Kaisinel's Defeat

Events Edit

A multitude of battles have taken place in Reshanta before players have even begun their path to glory. There have been many struggles and plenty of lives lost.

  • The Battle of Primum: A battle that resulted in both Balaur and Elyos laying siege to a unfinished Primum Fortress. First were the Balaur. The Balaur wanted to sabotage any hope of Asmodians taking hold of the Abyss. After multiple waves of Balaur, the Asmodians were victorious, but exhausted. Taking advantage of the weary Asmodians, the Elyos invaded immediately after, under the leadership of Seraphim Lord Kaisinel. Despite being pushed to the brink of exhaustion, the Asmodians were able to fend off the Elyos, this was until they began applying a magical assault. Overwhelmed, Primum Fortress was falling, and the Asmodians despaired. However, Lady Lumiel's magic was greater than Lord Kaisinel's. She activated a great force field, and in an instant, thousands of Elyos lives disappeared into the Aether. Overjoyed, the Asmodians were victorious; Lord Kaisinel was humiliated.
  • The Battle for the Island of Steel: The battle for the Island of Steel was one of strategics. Fighting amongst a grave of Ancient Atreians, the Elyos and Asmodians fought relentlessly until both sides saw lives lost. It is unclear which side lost, but it seems that the Elyos suffered the most casualties. There are many deceased Elyos deputies and high ranking officers whose souls remain, unable to return to the flow of aether.
  • The Battle of Ataxiar: The fated battle between Asmodae's savior and Elyos Brigade General Hellion. At first, many Elyos block the way for any Asmodians daring to reach the island. Making way past fighting Archons and Guardians, Asmodae's Savior reaches Ataxiar and is swarmed by Guardian Legionaries. Dealing severe damage to Hellion's legion, Hellion is forced to appear and does battle with the savior. Completely overpowered, Hellion dishes one last Aetherhold, thus severely wounding the savior. Overwhelmed by powerful energy, the savior unleashes unimaginable damage, which results in the death of every guardian legionary and a few Shadow Executioners. After this battle, the Asmodians ultimately win the Abyss Wars, which than pushes both Elysea and Asmodae to Balaurea.
  • The Battle of Karamatis: A fatal battle between the Elyos Mirage Legion, and the Asmodian Archons and Balaur. Betrayed by Icaronix, the Mirage Legion was completely wiped out by both the Balaur and Asmodians.
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