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|Near the {{Object|Rope Pulley}}. In the corner next to the wizard mob.
|Near the {{Object|Grappling Hook}}. In the corner next to the wizard mob.

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PF - Map

Primeth's Forge map

Primeth's Forge (PF), also called Prometun's Workshop, is a 6-player group instance for players of level 80 and above. Introduced in 6.0, it is accessible from Endorim Temple, central area of Lakrum. This gigantic facility was built by Lakrum's Jotun to forge their weapons, but was seized by the Frigida Legion upon Ereshkigal's occupation.

Currently, it rewards the highest tier of PvE gear along with Infernal Drakenspire Depths; the Ultimate Frostspark set. The Legendary Frostspark set is also available as a lesser tier of gear. The Ancient Obsidian set from this instance is generally taken as free-for-all.


Formerly the land of the Jotun, Lakrum was a strong source of lym ore, a resource extremely useful as fuel for their machinery. It was centuries later where the region was taken by the Ereshkigal army, as well as their main refinery, led by <Primeth>. <Brigade General Frigida'sFrigida> presence in the captured workshop caused the remaining Jotun workers to be enslaved and continue their duties under her command. Frigida, following orders of Ereshkigal herself, watched over as a weapon was crafted by the Jotun; a glove that changed size depending on its user.

Daevas were however soon alerted of this facility, and mounted an operation to infiltrate the refinery and free more of Lakrum from Balaur occupation. With the aid of Atis/Rith, a renowned researcher new to the region, Daevas entered the workshop. After freeing <Primeth> and other Jotun from <Frigida'sFrigida> control, the brigade general was slain, making the mission a success.

While the tyranny of <Brigade General FrigidaFrigida> was over after the Daeva's infiltration, a shadowy presence took advantage of it. The seemingly clueless researcher aiding on the advance was just a disguise, worn by Beritra to gain possession of the masterwork weapon crafted by the Jotun of Lakrum.


Mobs in this instance will inflict considerably more damage than other endgame instances, requiring to be cautious when pulling mobs as being overwhelmed by them is easy. More experienced groups will have less issue with this. The final and main boss of the instance, <Frigida> has a lot higher stat requirements than others. Generally, the only requirement for her fight, other than appropriately geared DPS classes, are two healers, as healing can get quite tedious during certain phases.

Self-resurrection is disabled in several parts of the instance as a measure to prevent players from training through the instance.

The group will zone in in the Workshop Entrance. Here they will find Atis/Rith, offering some of the instance's quests. Following the straight path will lead them to the first chamber of the instance.

Lym Ore Loading Bay

A small maze-like chamber, here the group must traverse through the narrow passages between the crates all the way to the south-west platform. A mini boss, <Frigida Captain>, will be roaming nearby. Defeating him is required to open the gate and access the <Grappling Hook>, used to access the following section.

Lym Ore Storage Entrance

The first named boss can be found here; <Yastikan>. Despite his presence, it is a very simple and easy fight. The only skill used by him is Blood npc <Sharp Fang>, inducing a bleeding state on the target. Once dead, the door to the Lym Ore Storage will open. The group may choose instead to use the secret passage way (opened by succeeding the door puzzle), completely avoiding that room.

Both paths will eventually meet at the Lym Ore Grinder chamber.

Lym Ore Grinder

This is a corridor connecting six rooms together, each one holding a <Lym Ore Grinder> inside. In the middle of the hallway, Gurush will be patrolling back and forth. The objective here is to destroy a <Lym Ore Grinder> to open the way into the following room. If the group manages to do it within the time limit given (2 minutes), an additional loot chest, containing a piece of the Ancient Obsidian set, will appear on the other side of the door.

The intention is to engage with Gurush and force him to use his AoE skill, Macro type 1 <Shock Wave>, near the <Lym Ore Grinder>. This will damage and eventually destroy the <Lym Ore Grinder>. This will open the door at the end of the hallway. This can be tricky to pull off as Gurush's attack deals a lot of damage. And on top of that, the hallway is congested with several other lesser guards. Whoever is chosen to train Gurush to the grinder must either be tanky and/or have the ability to heal themselves easily, while the rest of the group deals with any other mobs. If the group fails, they may simply destroy the <Lym Ore Grinder> themselves, albeit with no additional chest.

With the <Lym Ore Grinder> destroyed, it is best to sprint to the following room, ignoring any other mobs, forcing them to reset once Primeth Workstation is reached.

Primeth Workstation

In this room, the group must battle against <Suffering PrimethPrimeth>, who is being mind-controlled. This is another short and easy fight. The fight will end after a certain percentage of the boss' HP has been lost. <Primeth> will then return to his senses and aid the group for the rest of the instance opening certain passageways. After this fight, a chest containing a piece of the Ancient Obsidian set. His only skills will be Warrior type <Force of Waves> (short-range AoE attack) and Heaven&#039;s edge (NPC) <Detaining Sphere> (causing an aerial thrust state on all players).

Once the path opens up, the second puzzle door will be available, allowing players to fully skip the Dissolving Room Passage Way. Failing this puzzle door will force the group to go through it.

Lym Ore Dissolving Room

Both ways will meet in this room, where players will meet another boss; <Tarukan>, another short and straightforward boss fight with no special mechanics. Defeating him will open the way into the Bellow Air Duct, where the group must glide down the tunnel to reach the Primeth Furnace, the last chamber of the instance. Several platforms will be in the way in case a player lacks flight time.

Primeth Furnace

Resurrection in this room is impossible. Doing so will return the player to the Lym Ore Dissolving Room. This chamber holds the last and main boss of the instance, with a drastic increase of difficulty.

The battle against <Frigida> consists of two phases. Through the first phase, she will appear in her normal Drakan form, attacking from range and simple abilities. They include Macro type 1 <Frozen Smash> (a single target attack), Blood npc <Ice Needle Wild Shot> (causes an irremovable bleeding state on all players), Macro type 1 <Ice-Bladed Arrow> (short-range AoE attack) and Macro type 1 <Ice Tin> (AoE damage affecting people further than 20m away). She will also phase out and reappear occasionally. Midway through she will also use Barrier of Severance I <Frost Blast>, a 2 minute long debuff which damages over time and drains MP, which cannot be removed. On top of this, whenever the "Frosty Explosion" bar fills up (located on the the top-right corner of the screen), certain sections of the floor will light up and deal heavy damage on those who stand on them.

Upon reaching 50% HP, she will paralyse all players, awaken and transform into dragon-drakan hybrid and will become much more of a menace. <Maddened FrigidaFrigida> will constantly have Frost Armor up, damaging the attacker with a certain chance with each attack. She will start with Claws of Cold (single target attack), Gruesome Wind (all players lose MP overtime and have their attack power reduced for 1 minute), Bitter Whirlwind (cone-shaped frontal AoE attack), Crystal Thorn Arrow (damages players within 20m), Mighty Arrow (deals damage on the target and others near it) and Barrier of Severance I <Frost Blast> again.

In addition to all her devastating attacks, every certain amount of time, she will summon three guards; a Sorcerer and two Warriors. They deal a lot of damage, so they must be taken down fast. The best strategy is to take down the Sorcerer first and then focus on the Warriors. Their appearance is signalled by the appearance of a rift in one of the corners of the arena. This is where the support classes must dish out their strongest protection buffs. Halfway through, she will also begin to use Ice Shackles. This will immobilise a target within an ice block, requiring the other group members to destroy it in order to release them.

After the additional mobs begin spawning, it is best to deal as much damage as possible. The less the fight lasts, the less likely the group will be overwhelmed by all her skills and damage. Death is not an option as resurrection is disabled.

If the group manages to survive and overcome <Maddened FrigidaFrigida>, they may loot the instance's main reward from her corpse.

Door Puzzle

Across the instance, there will be two doors which can be unlocked by finding the correct combinations of glyphs. Unlocking them allows the group to skip unneeded rooms. The first one is located in the Lym Storage Entrance, before fighting <Yastikan>. The second one is located in a small hallway after freeing <Primeth> in Primeth Workstation and having him open the way.

The door has three slots, each one showing three different glyphs at a time. Different glyphs can be shown by interacting with each slot. Interacting with the centrepiece will confirm the confirmation and use up one attempt (and open if its the correct one). The difficulty with this puzzle is that a group may only attempt three times a combination in order to open the door. Otherwise, it will not open at all and the group will be forced to go the long way around.


Each slot has two possible glyphs associated with them:

PF - Tiles
Combination Floor Tile Respective Possible Tiles
PF - Human Glyph
PF - Earth Glyph
PF - Fire Glyph
PF - Ice Glyph
PF - Shadow Glyph
PF - Light Glyph
PF - Fire Glyph
PF - Ice Glyph
PF - Earth Glyph
PF - Shadow Glyph
PF - Fire Glyph
PF - Ice Glyph
PF - Light Glyph
PF - Human Glyph
PF - Fire Glyph
PF - Ice Glyph

The group is only given one of the three glyphs required for the correct combination. This one is found on the floor in specific locations previous to the door. They can be easy to miss if not paying attention, especially considering how they can sometimes be locked behind points-of-no-return (unless they exit and reenter the instance or resurrecting back at the start).

This glyph found on the floor will be used to determine another glyph of the correct combination on the door. The glyph on the floor will be either on the top slot or the slot on the right. Depending on the glyph found, the glyph on opposite slot will have a respective glyph. For example, if the glyph found on the floor tile is "Earth" (square-ish one), then it must be inputted on the right slot, meaning the correct glyph for the top slot will be "Shadow" (staff with a dot on top).

The remaining glyph, the one on the left slot, can only be found by a 50-50 chance. Players must just force it by choosing any of the two possible glyphs, attempting the other glyph if it fails. Because of the three attempts, the instance gives players enough chances.

Glyph Locations

First Door
Location Description
PF - Puzzle Door Sigil 1
A In the corner, behind Troubled Atis/Troubled Rith.
B Immediately after the small stairway, left side.
C In the platform between the two main stairs. Between the ore crates.
D Middle of the platform in the middle of the last stairs.
E Down the stairs, next to the ore crates in the corner. Usually with lesser mobs standing on top of it.
PF - Puzzle Door Sigil 2
A Immediately after entering, in front. Usually with lesser mobs standing on top of it.
B Left path upon entering, and then taking a right. Right in front of an ore crate.
C Right path upon entering. In a corner made by two shelves.
D Near the <Grappling Hook>. In the corner next to the wizard mob.
E Left end of the room. In front of a single shelf.
PF - Puzzle Door Sigil 3
A Upon being teleported, before jumping down, check the corner next to the puzzle door. (Left side)
B Next to <Yastikan>.
Second Door
Location Description
PF - Puzzle Door Sigil 4
A Side of the main path.
B Middle of the path immediately before entering the Lym Ore Grinder.
C Middle path in Lym Ore Grinder, in front of the right door.
D Middle path in Lym Ore Grinder, in the middle of the room.
E Middle path in Lym Ore Grinder, in the middle, before going up the steps to exit the chamber.
PF - Puzzle Door Sigil 5
A Immediately before jumping down to fight <Suffering PrimethPrimeth>, down the steps to the right.
B Right in the middle of the chamber, Primeth Workstation.
PF - Puzzle Door Sigil 6
A In between the wall and the ground torch to the left, next to the stairs.
B Same room as the second puzzle door, on the opposite side, between a few barrels.
C Same room as the second puzzle door, next to a pillar next to it.




Source Rewards
Lesser Bosses
Maddened Frigida



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