The Priest is arguably the backbone of any successful party. Their ability to keep Daeva battle-ready, even in the direst of circumstances, cannot be underestimated, and is absolutely vital in ensuring groups survive against the more pressing challenges in Atreia. Ailing comrades can be brought to full health in a heartbeat, and deadly poisons can be cured just before victims would be snatched away from their friends and family, all by the fair hand of a kind and benevolent Priest.

The School of Priests hosts some of the most demanded players. Seeing one on an enemy's team means that the ensuing battle will be difficult.

Once a Priest has learned and fully understood the intricacies of their class, they will be given two new paths to choose from at level 10: that of the Cleric, and the Chanter.

Some Priests choose the path of the Chanter, becoming deft at both melee combat and ranged spell casting while using other powers to buff their comrades. Others are destined to follow the path of the Cleric, using incantations to keep their friends alive with cures and healing power.

Sub-Classes Edit

Chanter Edit


As a priest, Chanters can also heal to a certain extent, but their specialty are in mysterious chants that boost the morale of nearby players. They are also known for effective melee skill combinations and all-around usefulness.

While their abilities may cross into several more specialized roles, the Chanter still has unique skills that any group of adventurers would be grateful for.

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Cleric Edit


The path of the Cleric is a natural progression from the Priest, as they will be granted the ability to cure even deeper wounds and protect ailing friends from cruel enemies. Legend has it that most powerful Clerics can even bring humans back from death.

The Cleric has also learned a degree of self-defense and can stand their ground when equipped with mace and shield. They also have access to a range of fortifying and weakening spells, as well as a number of powerful attack spells that can inflict substantial damage on unsuspecting foes.

Clerics are, of course, the masters of recovery. They possess many healing skills to aid their kin. In addition, they are equipped with a solid set of skill combinations and a number of melee skills.

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Priest skills are shared by both Clerics and Chanters.

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