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Selesti says that she needs the best ingredients for the home-style cooking she has in mind. Hunt Dune Potcrabs and Ice Slinks, buy some Raydam vinegar, and take all of them to Selesti.

Quest Information[]


  • Go and collect Potcrab Meat and Slink Meat, buy Raydam Vinegar, and take all of them to <Selesti>.
<Potcrab Meat> (0/3)
<Slink Meat> (0/3)
<Raydam Vinegar> (0/1)

Basic Reward[]

  • Xp.gif 76,200 XP


After getting the quest, teleport to Altgard. The <Ice Slinks> are around the Altgard Fortress and the <Dune Potcrabs> are in the Black Claw Village. Once you have the 6 meat, return to Pandaemonium and purchase Raydam Vinegar from <Daraia>. Return all ingredients to Selesti.


Initial Dialogue[]

"Humans think love is forever, but it isn't. Even the love between parents and children can wither away as the decades turn into centuries.
There are always exceptions, though. Karollin's love for her son is one of them. Her steadfast loyalty, her puts my cynicism to shame. Almost.
It's worthy of a first-class banquet, at any rate."
1.png "How's the banquet coming?"
"The venue's taken care of, so there's just the food to worry over. Since we're going for cozy, I'm inclined to use home-style cooking instead of anything trendy or fancy.
I think we should find the kind of things Aremion enjoyed when he was young."
1.png "Like what?"
"Soft Potcrab Salad and Slink Meat Pie. Karollin says those were his favorites. I wonder where she used to get the ingredients? Easy enough in Altgard or Morheim, but nobody stocks that stuff here in Pandaemonium.
It's next to impossible to procure fresh Potcrab Meat and Slink Meat around here. I might need your help, [Player Name]."


"Excellent. The flesh of the Dune Potcrabs near the Black Claw Village in Altgard is the softest in all of Atreia, and the best Slink Meat comes from the Ice Slinks that live in the frozen lake near the Morheim Ice Fortress.
I'm also going to need Raydam Vinegar for seasoning. Could you be a dear and pick some up from a food merchant? Thanks!
You're the best, [Player Name]!"
X.png "That much is true."


"Oh? Really? Wasn't it you who brought this request to me in the first place? I thought you were as moved as I am by Karollin's love for her son.
Naturally, I assumed that you would do the honorable thing and help.
I can't force you. Just ask yourself what a true Asmodian would do."
X.png "We'll see."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Appetizers decided on...check. Drinks and cake...underway.
Only the Dune Potcrab and Ice Slink left to go.
Please tell me you've brought them?"
1.png "Look what I've brought."

Failed Item Check[]

"Are you planning to make a dramatic entrance halfway through the banquet, bringing the ingredients with you?
I need Potcrab Meat and Slink Meat and I need them half an hour ago! Please, hurry up!"
X.png "On my way!"

Successful Item Check[]

"You went all the way to Altgard and Morheim to get these?
And these are fresh! You didn't waste any time!
Karollin will really appreciate this, and it demonstrates your respect for Aremion's service in the Abyss. Thank you."


Selesti decided on Potcrab Salad and Slink Meat Pie as main dishes, since Karollin used to make them for Aremion. She said that she'd need the best quality ingredients.

You obtained Potcrab Meat by hunting Dune Potcrabs in Altgard and Slink Meat by hunting Ice Slinks in Morheim. Then, you procured some Raydam vinegar and brought all of the ingredients to Selesti.

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