On behalf of Centurion Svafnir, you had talks with the Hoarfrost tribesmen, and delivered their opinion to Brigade General Thor.

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Speak with the Hoarfrost Tribe leaders and convince them to join in the war against the Balaur. Return to Thor with the results of your powwow.

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Initial Dialogue Edit

"Brigade General Thor, it seems, plans to launch an all-out assault on the Balaur.
Wisely, he's bolstering his intelligence-gathering efforts and trying to strike alliances.
The Hoarfrost Mau would be splendid allies, assuming there's enough of them left able to fight."
1 "Thor seems to think it worth the effort."
"Perhaps, but right now all we're getting out of it is mewing and hairballs.
The problem is the Mau don't trust us much more than the Balaur. There's a lot of bad blood between us.
Why don't you try your hand at diplomacy? They may respond more favorably to you. Let Brigade General Thor know how you fare."

Accept Edit

"Meet with Hoarfrost Chieftain Hasyaditan, Molota, and Arita. They're key to bringing the Mau to our side.
Convey our respect for them as warriors and the need for them to come into the fight now, rather than later. Do what it takes to earn their trust.
Give it your best effort and report to Brigade General Thor."
X "The task is mine!"

Decline Edit

"Naturally, as an Archon, the Mau view me with some distrust. They don't easily forget the battles we've fought.
I asked you, [Player Name], because the Hoarfrost tribe may make allowances for you.
Please reconsider. The fight with the Balaur is all that matters."
X "I'll think about it."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"I do not know you, strangerrrr. What bringssss...this new...Daeva to mmmeeee?
The otherssss...they ask ussss to velvet our clawssss...yet make no signnn of trrrrust."
1 "We face a common foe..."
"I wouldddd...gladly sink my Balaur throatsss, Daeva. You...ask mmmuch of your foes.
My strrrrong...but the trrribe may overrrrule.
For rrrrevenge...we may ally with you. Or we mmmay...die with honorrrr."
1 "Together we may save your people."
"My cub! my cub?
My cub's mealtime hassss passed quite a while ago... My cub...mmmust be hungry."
1 "Asmodae desires an alliance with the Hoarfrost Tribe."
"Asmodian? Alliance? Asmodae is ourrrr enemy. Oh...yesss.
Flames...everrrrywhere. cub! Murrrrderrrred!
I care...nnnothing...for yourrrr war."
1 "You could join us and take revenge."
"Currrrse...all Balaur!
We serrrrve...honorrrably...and they turrrrnn on us?!
Now homeless...scatterrrred...and weak."
1 "Then unite with Asmodae."
"For my rrrrevenge...I will...joinnn old foes.
The Hoarrrrfrost...and the clawfingerrrrs...will drink Balaurrrr blood!
You have my leave me, Daeva."
1 "Blood for blood!"

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Did you give Svafnir my orders?
I haven't heard back from him and I begin to grow vexed."
1 "Things look promising."
"I'm impressed you returned so quickly. Or should I be concerned?
Some positive news, and only some reluctance? You did better than I hoped.
They're a strong tribe, and proud. I hope they agree quickly."

Summary Edit

Centurion Svafnir admitted that his efforts at forging an alliance with the Hoarfrost Mau had met with little success.

He asked you to have face-to-face meetings with the Hoarfrost Mau as their opinion might have changed since the Balaur betrayal.

Therefore, you met Chieftain Hasyaditan, Molota, and Arita, asked their opinions, and then reported the results to Brigade General Thor.

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