Power Shards are consumable items that increase overall damage output. These items are called Shard <Shards>. They can be bought from the Gold Sand Traders shop or drops from mobs in open world and instances.

Usage Edit

Players can equip Shard <Shards> by dragging them to the slot at the top of the Profile window, up to a maximum of 50,000. Depending on the skill itself and the type they are, they will have different shard consumption rates. Each skill's "price" in shards is stated on the perk's description.

Removed Shard Types Edit

Before 6.0, players had access to a lot more types of shards, each one varying in price, recommended level usage and additional damage. They were all discontinued and replaced by Shard <Shards>.

IconTypeLevelDamageCost per 50Kinah per 1
Minor Power Shard Minor Power Shard 1 10 200 Kinah icon 20
Lesser Power Shard Lesser Power Shard 10 15 800 Kinah icon 53.3
Power Shard Power Shard 20 20 2,600 Kinah icon 130
Greater Power Shard Greater Power Shard 30 25 5,050 Kinah icon 202
Fine Power Shard Fine Power Shard 40 30 8,600 Kinah icon 286.7
Premium Power Shard Premium Power Shard 50 35 13,050 Kinah icon 372.85

Trivia Edit

  • Before 6.0, players had two shard slots, where they could equip different types of shards.
    • Equipping both slots would result in bonus damage, consuming 2 shards with every attack.
    • While Dual Wielding, shard damage would be applied to both weapons, 1 shard per weapon per attack.
    • While using single-handed weapons, only the off-hand slot would be used.
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