Potion is a general term used for any of the various liquids taken to affect attributes. They can be used to affect hit points, mana, flight or to cure some conditions, depending on the type of potion being used. Some are instant while others have effects for a defined period of time. Potions can range from a low level such as a lesser or minor serum to a high level such as a fine potion which is restricted to characters level 50 or higher.

Health, Mana and Recovery Potions Edit

There are a several types of potions which can affect one or both of these attributes. Some potions can be made with Alchemy designs. Others are purchased from potion merchants or Abyss Contribution vendors. Abyss potions do not share the cooldown of the others, but have a longer cooldown at five minutes, compared to the 30-60 seconds for normal potions. Panaceas are dropped from NPCs. Recovery potions will affect both HP and MP, and share the same cooldown.

Minor Life Potion <Minor Life Potion>
Lesser Life Potion <Lesser Life Potion>
Life Potion <Life Potion>
Greater Life Potion <Greater Life Potion>
Major Life Potion <Major Life Potion>
Major Life Potion <Fine Life Potion>
Minor Mana Potion <Minor Mana Potion>
Lesser Mana Potion <Lesser Mana Potion>
Mana Potion <Mana Potion>
Greater Mana Potion <Greater Mana Potion>
Major Mana Potion <Major Mana Potion>
Major Mana Potion <Fine Mana Potion>
Minor Recovery Potion <Minor Recovery Potion>
Lesser Recovery Potion <Lesser Recovery Potion>
Recovery Potion <Recovery Potion>
Greater Recovery Potion <Greater Recovery Potion>
Major Recovery Potion <Major Recovery Potion>
Major Recovery Potion <Fine Recovery Potion>
Minor Life Serum <Minor Life Serum>
Lesser Life Serum <Lesser Life Serum>
Life Serum <Life Serum>
Greater Life Serum <Greater Life Serum>
Major Life Serum <Major Life Serum>
Major Life Serum <Fine Life Serum>
Minor Mana Serum <Minor Mana Serum>
Lesser Mana Serum <Lesser Mana Serum>
Mana Serum <Mana Serum>
Greater Mana Serum <Greater Mana Serum>
Major Mana Serum <Major Mana Serum>
Major Mana Serum <Fine Mana Serum>
Minor Recovery Serum <Minor Recovery Serum>
Lesser Recovery Serum <Lesser Recovery Serum>
Recovery Serum <Recovery Serum>
Greater Recovery Serum <Greater Recovery Serum>
Major Recovery Serum <Major Recovery Serum>
Major Recovery Serum <Fine Recovery Serum>
Minor Life Elixir <Minor Life Elixir>
Lesser Life Elixir <Lesser Life Elixir>
Regular Life Elixir <Regular Life Elixir>
Greater Life Elixir <Greater Life Elixir>
Major Life Elixir <Major Life Elixir>
Major Life Elixir <Fine Life Elixir>
Minor Mana Elixir <Minor Mana Elixir>
Lesser Mana Elixir <Lesser Mana Elixir>
Regular Mana Elixir <Regular Mana Elixir>
Greater Mana Elixir <Greater Mana Elixir>
Major Mana Elixir <Major Mana Elixir>
Major Mana Elixir <Fine Mana Elixir>
Minor Life Serum <Minor Panacea of Life>
Lesser Life Serum <Lesser Panacea of Life>
Life Serum <Panacea of Life>
Greater Life Serum <Greater Panacea of Life>
Major Life Serum <Major Panacea of Life>
Major Life Serum <Fine Panacea of Life>
Minor Mana Serum <Minor Panacea of Mana>
Lesser Mana Serum <Lesser Panacea of Mana>
Mana Serum <Panacea of Mana>
Greater Mana Serum <Greater Panacea of Mana>
Major Mana Serum <Major Panacea of Mana>
Major Mana Serum <Fine Panacea of Mana>

Healing Potions Edit

Healing potions cure physically altered states and share their cooldown with Plia <Healing Roots>. They can be used to physical debuffs like Ankle Snare I <Ankle Snare I>, Blinding Light I <Blinding Light I> and Apply Poison I <Apply Poison I>, but not mental debuffs like Curse of Roots I <Curse of Roots I> or Sleep I <Sleep I>.

Healing Potions
Lesser Lesser Healing Potion <Lesser Healing Potion>
Greater Greater Healing Potion <Greater Healing Potion>

Wind Serums Edit

These potions will recover some flight time, and can only be used while flying. An Essence of Wind <Essence of Wind> and Wind Serums do not share the same cooldown.

Wind Serums
Lesser Lesser Wind Serum <Lesser Wind Serum>
Regular Wind Serum <Wind Serum>
Greater Greater Wind Serum <Greater Wind Serum>
Major Major Wind Serum <Major Wind Serum>
Fine Major Wind Serum <Fine Wind Serum>

Crystals Edit

Crystals are a form of potion that can be gathered through essencetapping from some resources. They do not share their 30 minute cooldown as regular or Abyss potions.

Life Life Crystal <Life Crystal>
Life Crystal <Vitality Crystal>
Mana Mind Crystal <Mind Crystal>
Recovery Recovery Crystal <Recovery Crystal>

Divine Potions Edit

Divine potions can be purchased from Contribution Merchants with AP. These potions recover more health, mana or flight time compared to their regular counterparts. Although they have a longer cooldown, they only share the cooldown with other divine potions. They are typically used in solo PvP or in extreme emergency situations. For example, players can pop a Greater Divine Life Serum <Major Divine Life Serum> to recover health and immediately pop a Major Mana Serum <Major Mana Serum> to recovery mana without having to wait for cooldowns.

Lesser Divine Life Serum <Lesser Divine Life Serum>
Divine Life Serum <Divine Life Serum>
Greater Divine Life Serum <Greater Divine Life Serum>
Greater Divine Life Serum <Major Divine Life Serum>
Lesser Divine Mana Serum <Lesser Divine Mana Serum>
Divine Mana Serum <Divine Mana Serum>
Greater Divine Mana Serum <Greater Divine Mana Serum>
Greater Divine Mana Serum <Major Divine Mana Serum>
Wind Serum <Lesser Divine Wind Serum>
Greater Wind Serum <Divine Wind Serum>
Major Wind Serum <Greater Divine Wind Serum>
Greater Wind Serum <Major Divine Wind Serum>

Notes Edit

  • Although Rally Serums sound as if they are potions, they are classed as a food item.
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