Catch Fine-haired Larvae from local <> and Rabano leaves and take them to Dunkel.

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  • Collect Fine-haired Larvae for <Dunkel>.
<Fine-haired Larvae> (0/10)

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Fine-haired Larva are a random collection reward from gathering Rabano and Horto. These are located in cultivated fields in the Polluted Waste and Havenjark Farm to the north of Setter's Campsite. For players with low harvest levels, purchasing the 10 larvae from the Auction House could be an alternative option to complete this quest. Return to Dunkel with 10 Fine-haired Larvae.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"This is how we live around here. Barely any food, sleeping on dirt.
Haven't lived this rough since I was a kid! I'm strong. I get by. The weak don't last long.
Of course, a good diet helps. Not that there's one to be had around here unfortunately. There is some good stuff, but you have to work to find it."
1 "Really? Any advice?"
"Well, a balanced diet. With the filthy air here you need extra nourishment. Fortunately, I found Fine-haired Larvae around here!
They're a delicacy back home. No, really! Creepy looking, but so tasty! Tangy. And good for you!
They live on Horto and Rabano leaves. Lucky those both grow here."
1 "Hard to imagine"
"Pandaemonium's inspectors were interested. Little guys don't even notice the pollution!
'Course now they want Fine-haired Larvae samples for research and cultivation.
Couldn't say no to high officials, but I should've. If I try getting the numbers they need, the Waste'll chew me up! Say...want some Kinah?"

Accept Edit

"Whew! Such a relief! Heh, I bet you could take my whole home town in a fight.
You find Fine-haired Larvae while gathering Rabano or Horto. They grow wild around the Polluted Waste and Havenjark Farm.
They're not on every plant, but they turn up."
X "Sit tight, Dunkel."

Decline Edit

"Why'd I open my mouth? I wan to help my fellow Asmodians,'s really dangerous out there!
I'm a farmer! Just a farmer!
You, [Player Name], everyone knows you."
X "...and so I'm busy. Sorry"

Reward DialogueEdit

"Glad you're back, [Player Name]!
Those Pandaemonium guys want the Fine-haired Larvae today.
They're mad at me for bothering you."
1 "Will this solve things?"

Failed Item Check Edit

"I'm a dead man. They'll come back any minute!
Please, I need those Fine-haired Larvae.
Check Horto and Rabano 'round the Polluted Waste and Havenjark Farm."
X "I'm going. Stall them."

Successful Item Check Edit

"Yep, that's plenty. Thanks--I was worried. Those researchers are coming by today.
I hope this helps with the pollution. Be great if things got going here.
Brusthonin's just brutal now. If we reclaim the land and get a fortress up, life gets better for everyone!"


Inspectors visiting the settlement area noticed that the Fine-haired Larvae Dunkel eats as health food thrive amidst pollution.

They wanted Fine-haired Larva samples to study. You gathered the samples to help poor Dunkel and Pandaemonium.

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  • Fine-haired Larvae can be harvested from Horto and Rabino in Brusthonin with or without this quest.

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