Airons and Slinks are polluting the rivers and pools around the Verteron Citadel. Hunt some of them to keep the waters clean.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Hunt the animals that pollute the water around the citadel
<Brownbeak Airon> (0/10)
<Swamp Slink> (0/10)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Talk with Adelia to receive this quest. Kill 10 Brown Beak Airons and 10 Swamp Slinks. Report back to Adelia to receive reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Daeva, please forgive me if I am not good company.'s like a knife in my belly. I can't keep anything down. I thought it was something I'd eaten, but I've had no solid food for a day now. You'd...better take a step back."
1 "Tell me what happened."
"I think it's something in the water. It's foul!
There are too many animals nesting in the water! Hunters from the citadel used to cull them regularly, but nobody bothers anymore! Now the Airons and Slinks are paddling around in the water, leaving half-eaten things rotting at the bottom. Yuck!
Will you help us? Someone has to keep our drinking water clean!

Accept Edit

"Oh, thank you!
If you can just drive out the Brownbeak Airons and Swamp Slinks from the rivers and pools around the citadel. The hunters used to cull ten of each. Is that all right?
I promise you I'll make it worth...urgh...oh, sweet Lady Yustiel, patron of healers, let me not be sick on this noble Daeva...." X "I'm going to...go now."

Decline Edit

"For pity's sake! Do you enjoy watching people suffer?
Welcome to Verteron. Can't wait 'til you leave."
X "Nice to see you, too."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Daeva! Did you drive the Brownbeak Airons and Swamp Slinks away from the pools?
Is the water safe to drink now?"
1 "It should be."
"Oh...I feel better just knowing that!
I'm sorry if I seemed hysterical or rude before. I was just...desperate.
Let me give you a token of my thanks. Don't you dare refuse it!"

Summary Edit

Anaka and Parine had upset stomachs from drinking fouled water. Anaka thought that the Airons and Slinks, who pollute the rivers and pools near the citadel, were the root of the problem.

You hunted the creatures so that the citadel inhabitants could drink clean water again.

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