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<Polinia> asked you to deliver a precious ointment to Melponeh, who was injured by a Worg. Go to her campsite and find her.

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Talk with Polinia to receive the quest. Obtain the ointment and take it to Melphoneh's Campsite. Deliver the ointment to Melphoneh to receive reward.

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"Just a moment,[Player Name]!
I was looking for someone to do a job for me. It's not difficult, and if you were already heading to the Kabarah Strip Mine, then it won't take long for you to do at all.
Do you think you can help me?"
1 "Maybe, what do you need doing?"
"Please listen closely. It's Melponeh, she's...she's...
I'm sorry, I'm finding this whole thing difficult to deal with..."
1 "No need for apologies. What's wrong?"
"Thank you [Player Name]...
I have an ointment here that needs to be given to Melponeh. She was attacked during a Grey Worg raid, and now it seems as though her wounds have become infected. To be honest...if she doesn't receive this treatment, Melponeh may soon...she may soon die.
Please take the ointment to her, [Player Name]. She's currently stationed near the Kabarah Strip Mine."


"Thank Aion.
Oh, and be careful,[Player Name]. There are significant numbers of highly aggressive and powerful Grey Worgs in the area."
X "Thanks for the advice."


"Your lack of empathy shocks and saddens me, [Player Name].
I was certain you'd be willing to help, seeing as the task was so simple.
Clearly I thought too highly of you."
X "Sorry."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Hello? Who is there?
Oh are you the one sent by Polinia?
Please, if you've come with the ointment, give it to me quickly."
1 "Here it is."
"Medicine from the temple...Oh my, I have good friends.
The Worgs that attacked our camp were so strong. We eventually fought them off, but not before one of them slashed my back.
Thank you for your help, [Player Name]. I'm certain that I would have died had you not come to help me. Please, take this."


Polinia, a priest of Akarios Village, asked you to deliver a precious ointment to Melponeh, a historian who had been attacked by a pack of Worgs.

You went to Melponeh's Campsite and handed over the ointment of Yustiel.

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