Tigg promised to obtain Okaru Fruit for <Dellalont>, but the poison of Okaru Trees prevented him from getting close. Pick the fruit for Tigg.

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Objectives Edit

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Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, you will see a marker on your map to find the Okaru Tree. Once you pick the fruit you will be slowly poisoned, so you need to return directly back to Tigg, and there is enough time to do so. Turning in the quest removes the poison effect, which is not curable with potions or spells.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"...not enough time...What can I do? Only a few days left...
Oh, hello [Player Class]. I didn't see you there. I was...I've been ...distracted lately."
1 "What is it? What's wrong."
"Well...I...promised Dellalont that I would...
The fruit of the Okaru Tree--it can heal wounds, relieve headaches. I said I would...
I told him I could get some."
1 "What's the problem?"
"Well, ah...the Okaru Trees are poisonous.
I've tried many times, just being near them makes me swell up, and I can't breathe. But I need to pick the Okaru Fruit, or Dellalont will reprimand me.
Hey, wait! A Daeva like you could do it! Would you help me?"

Accept Edit

"You are too kind. This is a big favor!
But I should warn you: the Okaru Fruit is so poisonous that even a Daeva will be affected if around it too long.
Be careful, and come back as soon as you get it."
X "I will."

Decline Edit

"I apologize. I should never have asked someone else to do my work.
I should just tell Dellalont the truth.
What can he do? Give me a good scolding?"
X "I hope it all works out."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Did you have any problems finding Okaru Trees?
If you picked the Okaru Fruit, Please put in this cask. I can't handle it directly."
1 "Here's what I could get."
"Thank you! Thank you so much!
"I found an antidote while you were gone. I'll just wait until the antidote counteracts the poison.
Are you feeling all right? I've heard that Daevas recover quickly."

Summary Edit

Tigg was worried about a promise he made to Dellalont to get Okaru Fruit, but he couldn't get it because of the tree's strong poison. You picked the fruit and gave it to him. He was very happy and thanked you.

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