Player vs. Player (commonly abbreviated PvP) denotes combat between players of any kind, such as:

  • Dueling - One versus one combat between players of the same faction.
  • Rifting - Rifts between Elyos and Asmodian territories periodically open, and allow players to venture into the opposing faction's lands.
  • Open World PvP - Especially at endgame maps tend to be shared (used by both races), such as Lakrum.

In Aion, PvP and PvE (Player vs. Environment) are combined into a PvPvE scenario, where a player may fight both the opposing player faction and the AI controlled faction.

Types Edit

Players can PvP in Aion as early as level 1, by right-clicking a fellow player and selecting "request a duel". At level 10 players will gain access to the Coliseum in Sanctum (Elyos Logo small Elyos) or Triniel Coliseum in Pandaemonium (Asmodian Logo small Asmodian), which are contested areas where players will be able to freely fight each other without asking.

Between levels 41 and 75 players can use rifts to travel the opposing faction's land (such as Inggison and Gelkmaros).

The bulk of the PvP content will be unlocked upon reaching level 76. Players will move to Lakrum (shared endgame map), access to PvP instances such as the Arenas or Battlegrounds will be unlocked, and players can partake in Sieges, such as Divine Fortress Siege.


  • For most of the game's history PvP happened in the The Abyss, a three-layered PvPvE area where flight was enabled and battle could thus occur anywhere, anytime. The map could be accessed as early as level 25 and also held many fortresses to compete over, as well as quests and gatherables. The Abyss was Aion's trademark region, but was ultimately removed with the 6.0 update due to the region having turned irrelevant.

See also Edit

  • Abyss Points - A PvP currency that is used to buy items or upgrade PvP gear.
  • Glory Points - A PvP currency that is used to determine one's ranking.
  • Legions - Legions are player-formed groups that allow cooperation in raids and PvP battles.
  • Alliances - Alliances allow for cooperation between multiple Groups. Commonly created during Sieges.
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