If a player desires to change their body shape or facial features, they must first purchase a <Plastic Surgery Ticket>, with real money, from the AION Online Store. Once validated, the ticket will come via express mail to the player's mailbox in-game. The player can then redeem their ticket with <Maenia> in Sanctum or <Himingleva> in Pandaemonium. It will open up the character editing screen as first seen when creating a character.

Important Details Edit

  • You must have an active Aion account in good standing to use this service.
  • This service gives one character a Plastic Surgery Ticket, which can be used only once.
  • Plastic Surgery Tickets cannot be traded, sold, or stored in an account or Legion warehouse.
  • This item does not allow you to change your character's gender. If a player wishes to change genders, they will have to purchase a <Gender Switch Ticket> from the AION Online Store, and then visit either <Euripides> in Sanctum or <Jotunmodr> in Pandaemonium.
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