Pets are passive, non-combat companions that follow the player around and can provide a variety of miscellaneous features, such as auto-looting or detecting enemy players. Pets are the predecessor to the Minion system.

There are several types of pets available for you to adopt, although they are not necessary for you to play the game. While some are only companions who follow you once summoned, others have various functions. Some pets can be purchased in either Pandaemonium or Sanctum, but others may be available by completing daily quests, or as random drops from high-level monsters. You can have up to 100 pets, but can only summon one at a time.

Types of Pets Edit

CompanionA companion pet will follow you around endlessly.
SignalSignal pets alert you when a player of the opposing faction is approaching. Signal pets will not alert you if the attacker is in Hide Mode.
FortuneFortune pets can transform your junk in to jewels, metals, dyes, and even weapons.
PackPack pets have their own Inventory and can store additional items for you. The pet's inventory can be used at any time.
PurebredA hard to acquire pet. Purebreds offer two functions.

Although pets have been mostly replaced by Minions, pack pets (extra inventory space) remain highly in demand, as this benefit is not offered by minions.

Adopting a Pet Edit

Have egg

Message that you already have a similar pet.

You will need to purchase the egg for the pet you want from a Pet Merchant, and then take the egg to a Pet Minder to hatch it for you. Pet Merchants and Pet Minders are found in both capital cities.

Additional pets (and pets with functions) can be acquired from events, the Black Cloud Marketplace (cash shop), or by searching the broker.

Adopting and Summoning Your Pet Edit

Pet adoption

At the Pet Minder, place the pet egg in the pet adoption window, select the name and decor, and click Apply to get your pet. You can summon your pet using the Pet List. Hit F10 and then double-click its name.

Renaming Pets Edit

Your pet's name can be changed at any time from the Pet Window, but you cannot have two pets with the same name. There is a 30 second delay before you can rename the same pet.

Feeding Pets Edit

Fortune pets need to be fed a specific type of food. If you feed them until they are full, they will produce a bundle item that is placed in your Inventory and can be opened to receive a gift. Go to the Feeding tab in the Pet window and then drag the appropriate food to the food bowl slot. Pets mainly eat junk items that can be acquired during hunting.

Pet Storage Edit

Some pets provide the player with additional storage capacity. The Pet Inventory counts as a separate cube to the player inventory, and can be accessed by clicking the paw icon at the bottom of your Inventory (if a pet with the pet pack feature is summoned). You can use your pet's pouch anytime, anywhere.

The number of spaces available depends on the pet type. Pets that offer the same storage capacity (for example, 18 slots) have a shared inventory with similar pets; as of such, players can deposit items using Pet A (18 slots) and retrieve them using Pet B (18 slots).

A good way to amass additional inventory space is thus to collect as many pets with different storage capacities as possible.

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