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Disambig icon.png For the item, see Pernos's Robe.

Mune received an order from the hermit <Pernos>, but can't obtain the materials to fill it. You agreed to bring her the Abex skins she needs.


  • Gather materials for the robe and bring them to <Mune>.
<Abex Skin> (0/3)

Basic Reward[]


Talk to Mune to obtain quest. Kill Grove Abex and obtain 3 Abex Skins. Return to Mune with the skins for reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"[Player Name], thank goodness you're here! Something very unusual is going on and I'm worried I might be setting myself up for a terrible fall.
Yesterday there was a sudden darkness in the middle of the afternoon, and several villagers claim to have heard strange whispering voices.
Then at midnight I woke to a strange tapping on my door. There was an old man there who asked me to weave a certain garment for him--one of my "special" robes."
1.png "Why is it special?"
"It grants special abilities! The wearer can detect Aether, and more specifically, those who can wield Aetheric energy, such as Daevas.
I tried to work out who he was, but it was dark and his face was hidden by a heavy cloak. I was suspicious, but the money offered was substantial, and I had no real reason to say no.
It was only this morning, when I took out my designs and started working out what items that I needed, that I realized who the old man was. It was Pernos."
1.png "Pernos?"
"Have you not heard of him? The Hermit who lives up on Agaric Spore Road? There are rumors around the village about his... experiments out there.
Anyway, I agreed to make the robe, but I'm lacking the main material--Grove Abex skins. I was actually hoping a [Player Class] like you would be able to help. Abex are far too tough for me to kill.
Will you do it, [Player Name]?"


"Oh, thank you so much, [Player Name]!
I'll get started on the inner fabric right away. If you could get three Abex Skins, I should have just about enough material for the robe.
Grove Abex can be found in the Daminu Forest. They're quite passive creatures, but if attacked they are dangerous animals. Please be careful!"
X.png "Don't worry, it won't take long."


"Ah, if you won't help me, then who will? Everyone here is so busy reclaiming the farmlands!
Sorry [Player Name], it's not your fault. It seems as though I've bitten off more than I can chew.
I'll see if I can get help elsewhere."
X.png "Good luck.""

Reward Dialogue[]

"Ah, [Player Name]!
You're back, and just in time!
The lining is pretty much complete, I just need to incorporate the Abex Skins, and we'll be done!"
1.png "Here's all I could get."

Failed item check[]

"No no no! I asked for three skins, remember?
Please hurry, [Player Name]."
X.png "Yes, yes, I remember."

Successful item check[]

"Excellent! You've brought me exactly what I need. Good quality Abex Skins too--I should enlist your services more often!
I'd better finish this robe off now, before Pernos returns.
Here's your pay, please take it with my heartfelt thanks."


Mune received an order from Pernos to make him a special robe.

Because she couldn't obtain the materials herself, you brought her five Abex Skins.