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Pernos is a hermit who lives near the Agaric Spore Road in Poeta, along with some of his animal friends. He is one of the key NPC's for the Elyos player's journey towards Ascension, but also remains involved with a number of special quests afterwards.

In the official comic it is revealed that he is the uncle (and mentor) of <Viola>, as well as one of the two survivors of the Storm Legion.

By the time of Aion 6.0 he moved to Akarios Village and set up a study in one of the buildings, where he stores much of the knowledge he has acquired over the years and uses it to help the (new) player get started on the world of Aion.

History Edit

Pernos' past is only briefly touched upon in the game. At some point he tells the player that he came from the future Poeta, Dark Poeta, and was the sole survivor of the Balaur onslaught that took place there. He supposedly traveled to the past for reasons unknown, but does say that he feels that meeting the player and helping him/her with their Ascension was both his destiny and purpose.

In the Comic Edit

Pernos' real identity and past is revealed in the La Veroca comic. Pernos (real name Akarios) was a Daeva and local militia leader of an Ancient Atreian village named Nodel before the Cataclysm, as well as the uncle of <Viola>. One day the village comes under attack from the Balaur while Akarios is away, and onslaught ensues. Although he returns with his men quickly, he is unable to turn the situation around until the Archdaeva appears and drives the Balaur off, saving Viola in the process.

Now re-assigned to one of the Archdaeva's own legions, Akarios' next appearance is during the peace talks. Here he tells a distraught Viola that the peace talks were merely a ruse meant to lure the Dragon Lords in and destroy them. Seconds after this a blinding light emerges from the tower: the Cataclysm was now happening.

Akarios is presumed to have perished during the catastrophe until he suddenly appears before Viola again 50 years later. He explains that he joined Deltras' Storm Legion in an attempt to find the missing Archdaeva. Viola however notices that he has lost his eternal youth, one of the key characteristics of being a Daeva, and has begun to age again after coming in too close proximity to the shattered Tower. Viola takes this as a bad omen and pleads her uncle to quit the Storm Legion, but Akarios refuses as he feels that he must fulfill his duty and find the missing One.

One month later Akarios, now an old man, returns as one of the two sole survivors of the Storm Legion following its fatal expedition. Wrought with horrors from having seen the rest of his comrades being brutally massacred by Shedim Lord Zikel, Viola confronts her uncle one more time. She asks him to quit the path of a Guardian and move to a small village with her, to which he agrees.

While Viola eventually leaves Poeta to continue her own search for the Archdaeva, Akarios has a feeling that he should stay behind in Poeta for some reason. He takes on a new name and identity (Pernos) and is living as a hermit when the player encounters him during the Poeta campaign.

Quests Edit

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Dialogue Edit

"How do you find Poeta thus far, child? Does anything feel familiar?"
X "No...not exactly."
With quests
"What is this I sense?"

Trivia Edit

  • He supposedly saved Poeta from peril at some point in the past, which resulted in some of island's areas (Akarios Plains, Akarios Village) being named after him in his honor. His true name (Akarios) also appears in several tales and legends about the island.
  • Pernos was supposed to have different dialogue for players after they have ascended, but this ultimately was never implemented. The intended dialogue was:
"It was you that I felt approaching...
Greetings, [Player Name]. It is good to see you again.
X "And you, Pernos."

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