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Pernon is the housing district for Asmodian players. Located south of Pandaemonium, the Shedim Lords offer houses for Asmodian Daevas here. Characters of level 21 and above are eligible for a free studio. Additional and better facilities can be purchased with kinah via a weekly housing auction.

Like Oriel, Pernon has seasons that affect the scenery and weather in the area, making it a unique area within Asmodae.


  • Via the Teleporter in Pandaemonium.

Lay of the Land[]

Upon visiting Pernon players will arrive at the Pernon Plaza, the central area where all activities related to housing take place. Besides the furniture and housing auction NPCs the plaza also features a mount merchant, and a teleportal leading to several areas of Balaurea. In the past it also featured an extensive production district with workshops for all crafting professions in the game, but these workshops in the 6.0 update following the removal of the old crafting system.

From Pernon Plaza players can traverse one of the four outgoing roads or use the short-range teleporter to access the various districts Oriel has to offer:

  • Sierra State: The largest district in Pernon, spanning the entire right half of the map. This forest/rural-themed district contains numerous small, cozy villages and is primary composed of houses, with few mansions and estates. The free studio the player receives at level 21 is also located here (Studio Entrance, north of Zephyr Village). Sierra State is typically inhabited by new players and those who value the quiet rural village life over the glamour and luxury of the other areas.
  • Halcya State: The middle-class district. It is composed of a series of islands connected to each other via bridges, and takes up much of the southwest corner of the map. This beach/resort-themed area is an extremely popular spot for vacationers, sightseers, or those who cannot resist the lure of the sea. It primarily consists of mansions and estates, with a few houses.
  • Aurora State: The upper-class district, and the beacon of the Asmodian prosperity. The richest and most famous Asmodian Daevas live here. It the smallest out of the three districts and almost exclusively consists of mansions and estates. The only three palaces available in the game (for Asmodian players) are located here as well. Aurora State is also the only district whose main village (Glory's Light Village) comes with a full set of regular NPC vendors (general goods, armor etc.) in addition to the housing-specific NPCs.


Pernon features a number of recurring events that players can partake in at select times:

Housing auction: Between Monday and Sunday players can visit the House Auctioneer in Pernon Plaza to see what houses are up for auction for the week. A bid can be (re)submitted at any moment during these days. On Sunday the auction for that week will end and the houses will be distributed to their respective highest bidders.

Seasonal Agrints: At the start of each in-game season (Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter) a Seasonal Agrint will spawn in one of four per-determined spots in Pernon. The type of agrint that will spawn, as well as its location, depends on the season of the moment (1st of March, June, September, December at 00:00 AM in-game time). Players can defeat it to earn Life Leaf.gif <Life Leaf> (used in the creation of mounts) and unique housing decorations in addition to other rewards.

Shugo Nomads: Traveling Shugo nomads will appear in set locations in Pernon between the 15-17th of each in-game month (with the exception of January, April, July and October). During this time they will sell selling and offer quests for a rotating variety of items, including rare/exclusive housing furniture pieces and costumes. They also sell several general goods at a lower price compared to the regular NPCs.