Devalin informed you that the ornaments worn by some Mau are made of a rare and valuable metal. Collect the ornaments from Gray Mane Scratchers, and bring them to Devalin.

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Objectives Edit

Gold Earring type 2 <Mau Adornment> (0/8)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Talk with Devalin to receive this quest. Collect 8 Mau Adornments from killing the Gray Mane Scratchers located in Odella Plantation and Dubaro Vine Canyon. Return them to Devalin to complete quest and receive reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

It's incre... hahaha! Oh my...control yourself, Devalin! Hahaha!"
1 "Are you all right?"
"Oh yes...yes I'm more than all right!
You see, recently, I decided to head over to the Dubaro Vine Canyon. Of course, I knew there were Mau along the path, but I figured I could avoid them. They aren't the brightest of creatures, after all.
As it turned out, I was wrong and ended up being caught by one of the sentries. I kill him and rummaged through his things, and I found this! Have a look."'
1 "What is it made of?"
"That's just it, it's Citrin Ore! Worth a small fortune!
I've done some investigating, and it seems every Gray Mane Scratcher carries these valuable ornaments! If I could get my hands on more, I could sell them to my contacts in Pandaemonium for a massive profit.
There's only one problem--the Mau aren't going to give these up without a fight, and they're too strong for me to take on. You, on the other hand...these guys would be no match for you.
Will you kill some Gray Mane Scratchers and bring me back their ornaments? I'll make it worth your while...."

Accept Edit

"Good, good. This'll make us a pretty penny, no question.
Head out to the Dubaro Vine Canyon and fetch me eight of the ornaments. And remember, only the Gray Mane Scratchers carry them."
X "Right."

Decline Edit

"Ah, I wasn't expecting that.
Think about it, [Player Class]. It's a waste that the Mau carry such expensive items! We may as well give the Elrocos pearl earrings. Come on, couldn't you use the extra money?"
X "I'll think about it."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Ah good, you're back!
I heard from my contact in Pandaemonium; she's definitely interested in looking at the ornaments. Were you able to get some?"
1 "Here."

Failed item check Edit

"This isn't funny, [Player Name]! If I end up losing money because of you, I'll...well, I'll make things difficult for you around here, that's what!
Remember, only the Gray Mane Scratchers carry the ornaments. You can hack through all the Dunduns you like, but they won't drop the items we need.
Now get back to Dubaro Vine Canyon and fetch the eight ornaments I asked for!"
X "I'll be back soon."

Successful item check Edit

"Yes, yes...these are perfect! I was worried that some might be damaged during the fighting, but they're all flawless. This Citrin Ore sure is tough...
Here's your reward, [Player Name]. Thanks for your help!"

Summary Edit

Devalin learned that the ornaments worn by the Gray Mane Scratchers are made of Citrin Ore; a highly precious material. You went to the Dubaro Vine Canyon, collected the ornaments, and returned them to Devalin.

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