Eramir is desperate to make a special gift for <Moreinen>. Collect Salix Oil, Fine[sic] Odella Powder, and an Aether Crystal for him so that he can make a scented crystal as a present.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Get Salix Oil, Greater Odella Powder, and an Aether Crystal and take them to <Eramir>.
<Salix Oil> (0/1)
<Greater Odella Powder> (0/1)
<Aether Crystal> (0/1)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

The Salix Oil is purchasable from <Daraia>, the Greater Odella Powder from <Nekai> and the Aether Crystal from <Baleyg>. Alternatively, you can aethertap a Big Vortex for the Aether Crystal or attempt to find all ingredients on the Broker.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"I've got to go see Moreinen. I just wish I didn't have to go to the Temple of Knowledge to do it.
Did I mention how much I hate that place? She loves it--she's my darling historian, after all. But she has to know how uncomfortable other people feel in there--like we're being pressured to study or something.
No point in talking to her now--she's too angry. Ol' Eramir really screwed up this time. I should have visited sooner, huh? I ought to get her a present or something...just to show her I really do care...."
1 "That might be a nice gesture."
"Right! Everyone loves presents, don't they? She can't stay angry with a guy who's given her something nice, can she? Especially...when the guy's made the present himself!
That's what I'll do, [Player Name]! What should I make, though?
I know! A good Aether Crystal's as beautiful as a jewel, and you can scent it with fragrance, too. She'll love it!"
1 "That's a good idea."
"I can make one if I have Salix Oil, Greater Odella Powder, and an Aether Crystal. Those aren't easy to get...but I guess if these things weren't rare, they wouldn't be so special.
Oh, who am I trying to kid? I'm useless collecting materials. I only know how to help people have fun.
I wish there was someone I could ask...someone trustworthy and helpful...."

Accept Edit

"Seriously, I owe you one. Thanks.
Okay, the Aether Crystal itself will be the most difficult to get. You have to extract it from above the Morheim Ice Fortress.
You should be able to get hold of Salix Oil and Greater Odella Powder right here in Pandaemonium. There's a cooking merchant called Daraia and a general goods merchant called Nekai. Either of them should be able to help us out."
X "I'll see what I can do."

Decline Edit

"Look, you know I'm basically a social Daeva, right?
That's not just what I do for fun. It's...kind of what I'm for. It's a duty, you know? I had to study it, work at it, like any other role around here.
That means I'm way behind on my basic skills, though. I haven't practiced Aethertapping for ages. Please help me."
X "Find the materials yourself."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"It makes me queasy even thinking about going to the Temple of Knowledge.
Anyway, did you bring the stuff?"
1 "Here's what you asked for."

Failed item check Edit

"Erm...not to be ungrateful, but you haven't brought me the things I need.
I know you're doing me a favor, but I do need the stuff and I need it soon, you know?
You need the list again? Salix Oil. Greater Odella Powder. Aether Crystal. Bring them to me."
X "I'm on it."

Successful item check Edit

"Oh, that's fantastic! I can make the crystal now! You may have just saved my life, [Player Name]! I'm going to make it right now. And get this--it's going to be heart-shaped. Nice touch, huh?
Moreinen's going to love it. She won't doubt me again.
I owe you, [Player Name]. This doesn't really cover it, but please take it anyway."

Summary Edit

Eramir was desperate to give Moreinen a gift at their next meeting. He planned to craft a special Aether Crystal, but couldn't get the materials himself, so he asked you for help.

You went to Morheim and extracted an Aether Crystal. Then you acquired Salix oil[sic] and Fine Odella Powder[sic] and brought all of them to Eramir.

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