Solorius Festival

Patch Notes

Happy Solorius Festival Edit

  • Holiday Event
Holiday NPC's, Cheerful Decorations, and Festive Music located in both major cities
Special Vendor NPC's that sell party favors for all to use

Changes Edit

  • Restore timer for deleted characters over level 20 has been changed from 6mins to 7days.
  • Renamed "Gains Stigma" to "Stigma Skill".
  • Transformation: Guardian Deity General - Corrected the variables in for Asmodians II – V and Elyos III – IV from the incorrect lower level ones that were displayed.
  • Dauntless Spirit I <Dauntless Spirit I> - Corrected the skill description and buff tooltip to correct values.
  • Empyrean Fury I <Empyrean Fury I> - Corrected the skill description to correct values
  • Fixed NPC's Buri in Primum Landing and NPC Asellus in Teminon Landing inside of the Abyss from asking players to submit a petition.
  • Fixed some skill system messages that incorrectly identified who was casting what on whom.
  • Searching items in the Auction House is no longer case sensitive.
  • Searching for other players is no longer case sensitive.
  • Spiritmaster Pets now have the ability to fly.
  • Hair Dyes will no longer reset after 48 hours or future server restarts.

Fortress Sieges Edit

  • Fortress Guardian Deity Generals disappear after 30 minutes on their own spawn timer.
If your race destroys the guardian within the 30-minute timer, then your faction gets the fortress.
If your race successfully defends the guardian within the 30-minute timer, then you succeed in defending the fortress.
Divine Fortress Guardian Deity Generals spawns last 2 hours as usual.
  • Players rewarded defending any fortress.
Rewards for defending a fortress are not limited to legion members only anymore.
Depending on your contribution during defense, you will earn the rewards that will be delivered via mail right after the siege ends.
  • Contribution Changes
Lowered the contribution you get from killing opposing PCs during sieges.
Contributions from doing other things (killing NPCs, Fort gates, Fort guardians) remain the same.

Known Issues Edit

  • Siege weapons cannot be activated after being deployed. We're currently working on a fix but have no set ETA at this time.
  • Legion Emblems may reset after a server restart.

Undocumented changes Edit

  • Shield Block manastones have been renamed to Block manastones.
  • Channels in Altgard have been dropped from 7 to 3.
  • Steel Rake weapon prefixes have been changed from "Hutkin's" to "Grogget's".
  • Wing Root I <Wing Root I> percentages have been halved from 20%, and 6% every 3 seconds to 10% and 3% ever 3 seconds.
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