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New Areas[]

Brusthonin (Asmodian)

Vritra's unholy curse struck Brusthonin and slew the entire populace. More terrifying was the awful moment they awoke to undeath. Holy trees were planted in the Aetheric Field to purify the afflicted region, and adventurers fight to counter the contamination in the surrounding area. Some areas resist the blight, bolstered by hearty Ginseng. Skurvs want that Ginseng, but something is keeping them at bay.

Travel within Brusthonin is available through the North Gateway of Havenjark Cemetery in Brusthonin. An aerial route connecting Baltasar Hill Village and BuBu Village at the Brusthonin's Settlers' Campsite has also been added.

The Adma Stronghold instance is also located in Brusthonin. Explore the dark mysteries and corruption in its ancient halls.

Theobomos (Elyos)

Stories have been passed down through the years about statues of Empyrean Lords carved on cliffs and temple pillars in Elysea. This legendary area has been recently rediscovered and adventurers are now making their way to Theobomos. The Dragon Lords scourged the land with a most unholy fire—the landscape burns even now! You must assist Daevas dispatched to put out fires or help them contain the consuming flames.

You and your friends can also help Shugos who stumbled into considerable danger while excavating for ancient treasures. Conquer the dangers and see what treasures may be yours.

Does the Theobomos Secret Research Center hold the clues necessary to unlock an ancient weapon? Explore this new instance and find out!


A number of new and varied instances are opening their once tightly-sealed doors.

The newly-added dungeons are filled with new mysteries and pose different challenges. For great rewards, lots of Abyss points, and fun with friends, embark on a dungeon crawl!

Dark Poeta[]

Asmodae and Elysea have a new battlefront against the Balaur

In the past, the Elyos destroyed the Abyss Gate in Poeta. The scheming Balaur launched countless assaults until the gate was reopened — at a price. The gate opened into a future Poeta, with a new timeline. The Balaur poured through and subjugated the region. Daevas fight to foil ruthless Balaur plots in the ruins of Dark Poeta. Will you join their fight?

To access Dark Poeta, you must be level 50, and have acquired certain items through quests. Leah in Sanctum and Heimdall in Pandaemonium will start you on your journey. The Temporal Stone, an entry item, can be acquired through Maloren in Heiron, Hresvelgr in Beluslan, as well as Suirng**, located in the Eye of Reshanta, at the deepest layer of the Abyss.

1.5 patch graph1.gif

Enter the instance through the artifact devices located in the Black Tears Swamp in Heiron or Beluslan's Hoarfrost Shelter.

In Dark Poeta, you can acquire Abyss Points by defeating monsters or collecting rare items, and you can obtain even more points by destroying nearby objects or defeating the stationed boss monsters.

In order to obtain a higher score within the time limit, you can fight a boss monster on a considerably higher difficulty level. (But if the dungeon invasion is unsuccessful, you cannot encounter this boss monster.) Your group can only enter the boss's lair through the Asmodian's Gate of Dimension** for only five minutes after the final score is shown. The monster will disappear if not attacked soon after you enter the lair. The higher the level of difficulty of the boss monster, the better the items you will acquire.

Dark Poeta can be entered once every 12 hours.

Contested Lands – The Dredgion[]

In the Dredgion, the Balaur amass their battle might, determined to conquer the Abyss. The Elyos and Asmodians can both enter the area and engage in fierce battles to neutralize this threat. They can even enter simultaneously and compete in the PvPvE dungeon!

Infiltrate the Dredgion's interior and destroy as many energy cells as possible. The ultimate goal is the death of the Dredgion's captain, but not knowing when and where the next attack will come from will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Dredgion can only be entered at specific times by requesting entry through the NPC. During the available hours for entry request, an entry request button along with a system message will show at the upper right hand corner of the screen for all characters able to enter. You can enter as an individual, group, or quickly access a new or existing instance in progress. Elyos and Asmodians may enter only when the necessary number of people have registered, which may cause a brief delay.

Elyos can register to enter with the NPCs Asellus*, Pullasgos*, and Hippotades* at Reshanta's Teminon bind point; Asmodians can register with the NPCs Buri*, Okun*, and Rukbas* at Reshanta's Primum bind point.

Accumulate Abyss Points by defeating monsters or destroying Surkana Power Cores, the energy cells of the Dredgion. You can also earn points by defeating characters from the opposing faction, although you won't earn points by defeating a character with 0 points. You lose some points when you are attacked and defeated by a character from the opposing faction. When a character of a faction winning by more than 1000 points is defeated by a character of the losing faction, the winning camp will lose 1.5 times more points.

Paths to the command center are varied, and there are many ways to disrupt the opposing faction or help allied forces.

The invasion ends when you defeat the boss or when the allotted time passes. At that time, the individual points are added, and the faction with the higher total score is victorious. Abyss points are given according to the number of points acquired, and the victorious camp receives bonus Abyss points. In addition to acquiring Abyss points, you can also obtain items by defeating the special boss monsters that appear at random.

The Steel Rake[]

After the Cataclysm, the Abyss formed and everything changed. Within that vastness, some Shugos became more aggressive-- warriors rather than merchants. They call themselves Shulacks. A particularly fierce band of Shulacks formed the Steel Rake Pirates and call the pirate ship Steel Rake home. Enjoy new adventures in this instance with a rescue operation, espionage, and more!

This is a party instance where up to six people in the group can enter at a time, every six hours. Only characters above level 40 may enter after completing an entry quest.

1.5 Patch Notes graph2.gif

Elyos may enter via Hikaroong in Sanctum and Asmodians may enter via Midori-ring* in Pandaemonium.

Many different paths through the instance exist, and the difficulty changes depending on the path you select.

Abyss Fortress Dungeons[]

The three fortresses located in the lower level of the Abyss (Sulfur Fortress, Siel's Western Fortress, and Siel's Eastern Fortress) and the five fortresses located in the upper level (Asteria Fortress, Ruins of Roah Fortress, Krotan Refuge, Kysis Fortress, Miren Fortress) all contain dungeons ready to be explored. There are numerous quests available in these fortress dungeons, making the fortress wars even more important—and rewarding.

The faction that controls the fortress can go in through the entry point deep within the fortress. Only the race that controls the fortress may enter.

An entry quest must be completed to access these instances.

1.5 Patch notes graph3.gif

Each instance contains many treasure chests, and the goal is to acquire the most treasure chests within the time limits.

The difficulty of the monsters that appear in the instance vary by fortress, and after a set amount of time, the treasure chests can disappear one at a time or all at once.

Nochsana Training Camp[]

Nochsana Training Camp is a dungeon for characters new to the Abyss, not unlike tutorial for the Abyss fortress wars. You must be level 25-28 to enter, and each race has an entrance at the Abyss bind point.

Earn the right to enter by completing a quest, and you may enter every 18 hours.

Check the re-entry time by typing /checkentry.


The level cap has been raised to 50.


When a character higher than level 20 is logged out of the game, they gain the energy of Repose – and earn an extra 20-30% experience when killing monsters and enemy faction members! It takes two days to rest up to 100%.

Repose is applied when killing monsters or defeating characters of the opposite faction. An icon in the top right corner of the screen shows when your character has this energy stored.


Several new titles have been added. These new titles are earned by completing new level 40-50 quests.

1.5 patch notes graph4.gif

Increased PvPvE Rewards[]

Players now receive a penalty when killing players of the opposite faction in that faction's territory. A Curse (Stage 1) or Heaven's Judgment (Stage 2) befalls your character; the severity depends on the number of players killed. These penalties are applied more quickly when killing a lower level player than you.

A Curse prevents entry into the Abyss. Heaven's Judgment also prevents entering the rifts as well as the use of a Kisk's resurrection in the opposite faction's territory.

For the Elyos, the penalties are known as Azphel's Curse or Heaven's Judgment of Azphel; Asmodians suffer from Ariel's Curse or Heaven's Judgment of Ariel.

Players afflicted with these penalties are exposed on the map to players of the opposite faction when in their territory. These intruders cannot completely hide.

Afflicted players are marked with the title of either Cursed Intruder or Heavenly Judged Intruder.

Players who kill these Intruders who have invaded their territory will receive a reward. A buff is granted to twelve players who are near a corpse of a slain Intruder, depending on their contribution of killing the player. When the Intruder is killed, a message informs all players in the area.

The Curse or Heaven's Judgment is lifted when the Intruder returns to the Abyss or his or her own faction's territory for a certain amount of time.

Greater Stigma Slots[]

With the newly added Greater Stigma Stone, a Greater Stigma slot has also been added. Up to three Greater Stigma slots can be obtained through quests. This new Stigma slot can hold both ordinary Stigma stones and Greater Stigma stones. (The regular Stigma slot cannot hold a Greater Stigma stone.)

Greater Stigma stones can only be equipped when all prerequisite skills have been acquired by equipping the requisite Stigma stones. Greater Stigmas can be purchased with AP (Abyss Points) from the NPC in the main cities and the Abyss.

1.5 patch notes graph5.gif

1.5 patch notes greater stigma.gif

Other Character Changes[]

Small amounts of experience can now be gained through combat with the opposite faction.

For maintaining balance among the classes, some debuff manastone activation effects have been adjusted. When weapons are equipped in both hands, the left hand weapon's debuff manastone trigger rate now activates at a lower rate than before. This does not apply to bleed or poison effect manastones.

To protect from the illegal acquisition of experience and Abyss Points (AP) through party play, the distribution method among party members has been changed. When an individual was killed or logged out, the total experience/AP/DP was divided among the remaining party members. But now the damage contributed by that character is deducted from experience/AP/DP and distributed among the party members.

The damage inflicted on a character from another character's attack has been decreased.

Interrupting skills in progress through moving, jumping, etc., no longer allows those skill's combo chains to activate.

New emotes Meditation and Prayer were added. These new emotes can be purchased from the Daeva NPC of the acting acts* at each city.


Level 46-50 skills are now available, including new skills and higher levels of existing skills. Elyos may purchase the new skill books at the Protectors Hall in Sanctum. Asmodians will find them at the National Assembly Building in Pandaemonium.

Level 45 Stigma Stones can no longer be acquired. Existing Level 45 Stigma Stones have been renamed as Ancient Stigma. New level 50 skills with the same effect as Ancient Stigma skills that you were able to gain at level 45 are now available through each class's masters. The names of each skill are the same as Ancient Stigma skill names that are gained at level 45.

1.5 patch notes graph6.gif

New skills for levels 1-45 have been added.

1.5 patch notes graph7.gif

Over 90 types of ordinary Stigma Stones and Greater Stigma Stones have been added; these can be acquired by consuming Abyss points.

1.5 patch notes graph section1.gif 1.5 patch notes graph section2.gif 1.5 patch notes graph section3.gif 1.5 patch notes graph section4.gif


- Iron Skin can now be used with the Templar's Greatsword equipped.

- The effect range of Provoking Roar has been changed from 9m to 10m.

- The Iron Skin skill effect is put above the Attack skill effect.

- The damage reflection rate of Righteous Punishment* has been slightly increased.

- The Gladiator/Templar's Siegebreaker skill has been enhanced.

- The stun times of [Ancient Stigma] Holy Punishment, Holy Punishment, and Punishment of Light* have been changed to 3 seconds, and the skill cooldown time from 1 minute to 2 minutes.

- The probability of captured by Divine Grasp has been increased.

- The defense from Seal of Protection*has been decreased in PvP.

- The defense of Empyrean Armor has been decreased in PvP.

- A problem with duplicate messages when using an emote after casting Blessed Shield has been corrected.


- A defense reduction debuff has been added to [Ancient Stigma] Piercing Wave*, Piercing Wave*, and Piercing Rupture*.

- Force Cleave has been changed to a level 2 long-range chain skill continued from Cleave.

- When blocking a physical strike with a weapon using Wall of Steel, the effect is now receiving half the damage rather than blocking all of it.

- The attack enhancement of Aion's Strength has been increased in PvP.

- The defense boost of Defense Preparation* has been increased in PvP.

- Magical accuracy has been added to Aion's Strength skill effect, and the attack enhancement has been increased in PvP.

- A problem with receiving additional damage when climbing the lava using the Slaughter skill has been corrected.


- Movement speed is decreased while using Sniper Stance in flight.

- A problem with using the Sandstorm Trap skill in the air has been addressed.

- If an opponent has been immobilized due to Binding Arrow or Shock Arrow* skills, the status is no longer affected by the one-time use of physical healing potion.

- Shock Arrow* has been changed to have the same effect as Shackle Arrow*.

- [Ancient Stigma] Condor's Arrow and Deadly Arrow have been changed to have the same effect as [Ancient Stigma] Brightwing Arrow and Holy Arrow.

- Vaizel's Arrow* and Triniel's Arrow* skills have been changed to cast skills.

- The cooldown time of Stunning Shot has been reduced from 18 seconds to 12 seconds.

- The cooldown time of Rupture Arrow* has been reduced from 32 seconds to 24 seconds.

- The See-through Eye* skill book has been added.


- [Ancient Stigma] Radiant Rune, Radiant Rune, and Divine Rune have been changed from a stun to silence and decrease in attack speed.


- A problem with not being able to evade the Assassin's Ambush* skill while using Focused Evasion* has been addressed.


- Clerics can now earn the Calmness skill. This skill can be acquired at levels 16/28/40 and reduces the enmity rate toward your target when used.

- Brilliant Protection*, Yustiel's Splendor*, and Marchutan's Splendor can now be used in a non-combat state.

- Chastise damage has been decreased, and the damage rate of Chastise II has been increased.

- The damage of Smite V skill has been slightly decreased.

- A system message displays if your Cure Mind or Purify spell is not high enough level to dispel the target.

- Healing Grace* I, II, III skills now have greater HP recovery.


- Recovery Spell*, Word of Life, Swiftwing, Shield Mantra*, and Protection Mantra* can now be used in a non-combat state.

- The damage rate, MP consumption, and cooldown time of Soul Crash skill have increased.

- The cooldown times of Stunning Strike and Soul Strike skill have increased from 10 seconds to 12 seconds.

- The skill accuracy of Binding Word and Defense Incantation has been increased.

- The cooldown time to restore the Rage Spell* skill effect has been changed from 100% to 500%.

- The cooldown time for Binding Word has been changed from 5 minutes to 45 seconds.

- A problem with being unable to use Tremor while inflicted with Silence has been corrected.

- A problem with being unable to see the Stunned effect when using Soul Strike has been addressed.


- Stone Skin now inflicts less damage in PvP combat.


- The immobilization and movement speed effects can be removed when using the Dimension Door skill.

- The range of Cold Summon* has been changed from 2m to 3m.

- The casting time rbeing able to see the effect of Ice Sheet III has been addressed.

- A problem being unable to move the character when using the Barrier of Severance* skill has been addressed.


- Curse of Water and Curse: Movement Speed* have been changed so that the effects do not decrease during the Fire Spirit state.

- Summon Energy skills can now be used while flying.

- The MP consumption rate of Fear Shriek has been slightly decreased.

- The reuse time of Summoning Alacrity has been changed to 1 minute.

- The HP and defense of the Earth Spirit that the Spiritmaster summons have been increased.

- The HP of the Tempest Spirit and the Magma Spirit summoned by the Spiritmaster has been increased.

- Spiritmaster's Wing Root skill effect has been changed; flight time decreases by 20% instantly and continues to decrease by 6% every 3 seconds for 30 seconds.

- The Spiritmaster no longer receives falling damage after using the Fear skill while transformed.

- The MP required to cast Energy of Fire, Energy of Wind, Energy of Water, Energy of Earth, Dispel Magic*, and Ignite Aether have been decreased.eduction effect has been increased while using Boon of Quickness*.

- The fire resistance effect of Flame Fusion* I and II have been changed from 40/50 to 120/150.

- Winged Magic I and II passive skills have been enhanced and the Winged Magic III skill has been added.

- Curse of Weakness* I and II skills have increased their duration from 8 seconds to 1 minute, and the Curse of Weakness* II effect has been enhanced.

- The cooldown times of Lumiel's Wisdom*, Zikel's Curse*, and Vaizel's Wisdom* have decreased from 1 minute to 30 seconds.

Other Changes[]

- A problem with being unable to remove buff and debuff skills of some classes has been corrected.

- A problem with being able to use healing skills on group members in other channels has been addressed.

- A problem with cancelling an automatic attack when pressing a movement key during skill cooldown has been corrected.

-When active defenses (evasion, weapon block, shield defense, etc.) are initiated, a problem of already activated counter skills becoming inactive has been corrected.

- A problem where the target set to be followed continued to be followed even after using the Invisible* skill has been corrected.

- When using a skill with bleed effect or equipping an item with the same effect, the effect color that appears has been changed from red to black.

- The debuff that makes skill use impossible has been renamed from Restraint to Sealing*.


Daevanion items have been added and can be acquired as quest rewards starting at level 30, as well as mob drops. Level 50 Daevanion items are also available. Daevanion armor consists of set items that provide additional bonuses based on the number of pieces equipped.

Set items that grant a bonus stat when wearing an item have been added. These items can be obtained through instances, quests rewards, and crafting rewards.

New special designs have been added to produce items of level 45-50. These new designs can be acquired by craft request rewards and monster drops. Some of the items produced by the new special designs have a set effect.

Set effects have been added to some of the items available from named monsters appearing in new areas.

You can now change the appearance of headgear and uniqueAbyss/Draconic items. New weapons and Daevanion equipment cannot be changed.

Manastones with an item level higher than the item to be socketed cannot be used.

New collection items can be extracted at the newly added hunting grounds.

Weapon and shield items with a special appearance, which are related to a collection item, have been added. The related item can be produced with the materials acquired by a certain rate when collecting them. Changing the appearance of the item is possible and craft design can be acquired by a craft request reward and monster drops.

The maximum number of per-slot collection items, Stigma Shards, and Coins has been increased to 10000.

The Morphing Book was added to change the high-grade Refining Stone to many low-grade Refining Stones. The newly added Morphing Book of Refining Stone can be acquired from an Abyss Fortress Supply Soldier.

A Skin Remover has been added to restore the prevous appearance to an item with a modified. It can be purchased from NPC merchants in large cities. Talk to the appearance modification NPC, then place the item in the Appearance Modification slot, and the Skin Remover in the target slot.

Some of the Great Sword's stats have been increased.

The effects of the Shock Alleviation Scroll have been increased.

Effects applied by scrolls and potion can now be removed like magical buffs.

A problem with effects disappearing during combat with a Staff of Guardian / Archon Centurion has been addressed.

The color and appearance of some armor has been modified.

The manner in which attack speed options are applied has been changed to adjust the balance between classes. When equipping weapons on both hands, the attack speed option is now applied to the weapon with the higher attack speed option; previously, attack speed options were applied to all equipped weapons.

New wings have been added. The new wings can be obtained through a completion of the final missions of Theobomos in Elysea and Brusthonin in Asmodae. They are very awesome.

Only details for basic products were displayed in the design sketch; now details for high-grade products in addition to basic products are displayed.

Messages regarding crafting creation, success, and failure can be displayed to party members.

Physical Critical Hit and basic weapon defense for staffs has been increased.

Items that use all five item slots (upper garment, bottom garment, shoulder, shoes, and gloves) can now be equipped only in the upper garment slot.

New item sets are now available in the new instances.

The Physical Critical Hit option of Lannok's Warhammer and Triroan's Warhammer has been changed to the Magic Boosting Power option.

A problem where effects for Quick Scrolls and Wind Gust Scrolls overlapped and were not used at the same time has been corrected.

A problem where an effect is only shown on the handle of the Sword of Ghost when a Godstone is equipped has been corrected.

A problem with the appearance of equipping some items has been resolved.

A problem where closing a window removed Manastones has been corrected.

New Heroic class (orange quality) items have been added in the new instances.

Critical hit rates/values were lowered for swords and daggers and raised for great swords, polearms, staffs, and bows.

New morphing books have been added.

Master's Refining Stone has been changed to Expert's Refining Stone.

New refining stone morphing books can be purchased from the quartermaster while occupying the Divine Fortress.

A morphing book for making new products' ingredients has been added.

Costumes with new appearances have been added. Purchase kimonos and formal wear from the Clothing Merchants in Sanctum and Pandaemonium.

New outfits obtainable at Theobomos and Adma Stronghold have been added. Elyos can acquire these items in the treasure box appearing at the Theobomos Research Center. Asmodians can acquire a new outfit by defeating Princess Karemiwen in the Adma Stronghold. (Sorry, the Princess dress can only be worn by female characters.)

Class-specific materials have been added to Atreia. They will proc rarely during normal collection.

Item Gathering Results

Orihalcon Brilliant Orihalcon Ore

Mithril Brilliant Mithril Ore

Aether Brilliant Aether

Class-specific items, called Nex, can be obtained in the new instances.

New abilities to increase casting speed, increase or decrease enmity have been added to item options.

When the Aether Gatherer Hat is equipped, Aether that cannot be gathered now appears in gray on the radar.

New Abyss items that can be purchased with Abyss Points (AP) have been added, and now include set bonuses. These items can be purchased from Greater Weapons and Armor Contributors such as Adetes and Alcyone in Sanctum and Mannheim and Riegle in Pandaemonium.

Manastones that can be purchased with Abyss points have been added. You can purchase them from the Consumable Items Contributor in Sanctum and Pandaemonium.

Stigma that can be purchased with Abyss points have been added. They can be purchased from the Magic Class Stigma Contributors and Combat Class Stigma Contributors such as Sinamara and Carnap in Pandaemonium and Telephus and Ocarino in Sanctum.

When equipped power shards are used up, a function has been added to automatically equip shards of the same rank from your inventory.

When a kisk is active, the player automatically sees a registration confirmation screen. When the registered kisk's activation time has 30 minutes, 10 minutes, and 1 minute remaining, a system message displays.

Hair Dye and Color Spray that change the character's hair color and skin tone have been added at the Angelic Frippery Shop in Sanctum and Pandaemonium.

Incorrect appearances for some items have been corrected.

Items improperly placed have been corrected.

Various item names and descriptions have been corrected.


You can acquire Daevanion quests once you reach level 30 and level 50. Elyos can acquire the level 30 quest [A Meeting with a Sage] from Leah in Sanctum. Asmodians can start the level 30 quest [Wise Man Under a Guise] from Heimdall in Pandaemonium. Level 30 Daevanion quests can proceed only after completing all the final missions in the large city area. Level 50 Daevanion quests are given by Lavirintos in Elysium and Kvasir in Pandaemonium.

Daevanion quest reward items can be shared with other characters through an Account Warehouse within the account.

Characters can acquire a unique weapon, a legend weapon, unique armor and legendary armor by performing tasks that award the new Platinum Coins.

New quests have been added to Eltnen, Heiron, Sanctum, and Theobomos for the Elyos and Beluslan, Brusthonin, Morheim, and Pandaemonium for the Asmodians.

A Manastone exchange quest has been added to Manastone removers in every fortress.

Once you reach level 25, you can acquire a quest guiding you to a new master who will instruct you in the deeper mysteries of your class.

Quest reward experience from level 30 and up has generally increased.

When you complete some of the newly added repeatable quests multiple times, you will receive an additional reward.

The abilities of some Elyos and Asmodian titles have been added and modified.

A new quest has been added in Pandaemonium.

The tooltip information for quest items has been improved to include the corresponding quest name and type.

A problem where the quest status wasn't always updated correctly in the Asmodian Balaur Assassin Quest has been fixed.

A problem with a missing mail arrival notice in the Asmodian Summon Notice mission has been corrected.

Final missions have been added in the Elyos and Asmodian capitals. When you reach level 50, the mission is automatically acquired, and you can only proceed when all the missions in areas excluding the capitals have been completed.

High level quests to obtain Greater Stigma slots as rewards have been added. They can be acquired from the stigma masters in Sanctum and Pandaemonium.

Ultimate Expert crafting quests have been added. You can become an expert of one type of crafting while already being an expert in another. Crafters can be an expert of two types of crafting in total. After becoming a master of one type of crafting, you can acquire the Best Master quest in order to become a master of another craft.

Quests that take place in the newly added instances have been added.

It is now possible to do repetitive exchanges for the Manastone Exchange quest.

User Interface[]

The left mouse button now controls the camera.

Click to move has been disabled by default.

The ability to invert the mouse has been added.

New character customization options have been added. You can now choose eye color, adjust the lengths of your character's arms and legs, and adjust the width of your character's shoulders.

Several new faces and hairstyles have been added to character creation.

Character appearance options are now listed by name and not by number.

It is now possible to move the camera and zoom in and out using the mouse in the character creation screen.

Different colors have been added to indicate server status. Online servers are green, offline servers are orange, and servers that are unavailable due to maintenance are grey.

You can now check the remaining time on a buff on your selected target by using the buff icon tooltip under the selected target's name. For summoned pets, you can check the remaining time of buffs in the pet information window.

The Branding system has been improved. You can now find the added Show Brand functions and Select Brand functions in the [Actions] tab in the Skill Window.

Show Brand functionality is usable only by group leaders, Alliance captains, or Alliance vice captain. The Select Brand function is usable only when a group leader or an Alliance captain assigns the brand to a target.

When showing several brands, [Ctrl+Tab] tabs through only the targets with brands. Create shortcut keys for Show Brand and Select Brand functions on the [Key Settings] tab under Options. When a branded target is dead, the brand will be removed automatically.

Images have been changed to better clarify the target's brand.

The three most recently used brand are displayed at the bottom of the target's dropdown brands list.

Brands for spade, red arrow, musical note, and hot spring have been removed.

New brands have been added, including shields, bomb, and skull.

The /Dice command has been changed. When you use the /Dice command without any numbers selected, the maximum number is set to 100 automatically. Dice can also be used when solo. When using the /Dice command solo, messages are displayed to players nearby. The maximum value of /Dice has been changed to 100,000.

A block function has been added to the mail system. If you do not want to receive any mails from a certain sender among the mails you have received, you can block them by using the [Block] button at the bottom of the window.

The maximum number for the friend list and block list has been increased to 100.

When there is a character on a friend list not performing any action for 5 minutes, the [Status] section on the friend list will be changed automatically to Away.

You can adjust the transparency rate of the transparent map (displayed with the N key) by using the [Game Preferences] tab in the System Preferences.

The search function in the Broker window has been improved. Search functions for each level and group of levels have been added. The per-item sales price is now indicated. When searching for a certain word, the pertaining results for the keyword will be shown within the selected classification on the left side of the window.

When there are redeemable items left for sale on the Broker when logging in to the game, a system message displays, and an icon will be shown at the lower right-hand side of the compass.

A problem with overlapping page numbers in the list page of the Broker window has been corrected.

A standby period has been added to the channel teleports.

· Poeta, Ishalgen: Standby time of 1 minute

· Verteron, Altgard: Standby time of 3 minutes

· Theobomos, Brusthonin: Standby time of 5 minutes

Kisks are now classified as ones for a group, Alliance, and Legion.

· Kisk for a group: You can only use the group where a summoned pet belongs. (Maximum registrant number 6)

· Kisk for Alliance: You can only use the group where a summoned pet belongs. (Maximum registrant number 24)

· Kisk for Legion: You can only use the group where a summoned pet belongs. (Maximum registrant number 48)

Legion announcements have been increased to 256 characters.

Experience is now displayed in the reward list in the Quest window.

The opposing faction can no longer see the level of a summoned pet.

A system message displays when all power shards have been used.

A group member that is far away can now be targeted when clicked.

In the Preview window, you can select the appearance in the combat and non-combat states by clicking on the button at the bottom of the window.

You can no longer see items for a gender other than your character's.

In the Game Options, the Reject Invitation to Group option has been changed to Reject Invitation to Group/Alliance option.

Group/Alliance Information has been added to the chatting system information. You can adjust the system information pertinent to a Group/Alliance by using the related option.

A message to all members has been added for a chat leader: /ChannelNotification [Channel Name/Number] [Message]

An image displays around the target when magic is resisted.

Characters or groups in an instance cannot be invited to an Alliance.

Problems with being unable to transfer a character at certain areas, and with abnormal falling, have been addressed.

Corrected an issue where a collection was spawned in an area where it could not be reached.

The /PING command has been added to check the current network status.

A class exclusive channel has been added.

A notice message when a Legion member logs in has been added.

A message that displays the record of sold items when an item is sold in a private store has been added.

A function that prevents a blocked opponent's messages from being displayed, even in the public channel chatting, has been added.

The macro ending message is now only displayed in a chat window.

More information has been added to the beginner's help.

Name information for a recipient can now be displayed in the send mail confirmation window.

The minimum size for the separated chatting tab has been changed from 7 lines to 5 lines.

Corrected: Changed name not correctly applied when changing a tab in the pop-up menu of the separated Chat tab.

Problems with the display of the quickbar and names for chatting tabs have been corrected.

A problem where a skill was repetitively running if its hotkey was set up as text has been corrected.

The skin color for the basic Elyos female face number 23 has been changed from blue to peach.

A Group / Alliance gathering function has been added so that group and alliance members can be gathered quickly. Enter /recruitgroup and /recruitforce in the chat window, or use group gathering and alliance gathering buttons in the Find Friend window or Alliance window to create gathering links. Left-click the gathering link of the chat window to send messages to the linked group / alliance leader as a whisper. Right-click on the gathering link of the chat window to check the corresponding group and alliance member information.

A mini-map zoom-in and -out function has been added to the compass.

The use of <Shift+F12> to hide your own character and other player characters has been improved. The shapes of members who belong to the same group and alliance will now be maintained. Also, even if this function is used, characters of the opposite faction can now be automatically targeted by using the <Tab> key.

The mail system has been improved. A default 'No subject' is added in the mail subject space when writing a letter. When an item is attached to the mail, the item name will be automatically added to the mail subject. The date of receipt is now displayed in the inbox.

A zoom function has been added in the preview window.

Both of the two class transfer channels that can be selected at the time of class transfer are now available prior to Daeva transfer. For example, a warrior can participate in the Gladiator and Templar channels prior to Daeva transfer. However, after the Daeva transfer, non-selected class channel will be deleted.

To prevent accidental selection (therefore, loss of an item), the [Yes] button cannot be selected by pressing <Enter> at the time of item extraction. To confirm, you will need to click the mouse upon extraction.

When the remaining number of arrows and power shards falls below 100 and 50, a warning message is displayed. The number of remaining on the warning message includes the currently equipped ones and those in the inventory.

You can now select nearby corpses by using the <F9> key.

An Automatic Backward function has been added by using the <Number pad/> key. This is not by default.

Auto-run no longer stops when using an item while activating the Automatic Forward and Backward functions.

Items to be purchased are now shown in red when the item has been already acquired.

Characters that are level 5 or lower can no longer invite players to an alliance.


Various text corrections in NPC dialogue have been made.

There is a chance to acquire Daevanion items from monsters in Reshanta.

NPCs who can change appearances and genders for players with the required tickets have been added to large Elyos and Asmodian cities.

The Daeva of Song NPC has been added to the big cities of Elysea and Asmodae. You can listen to the theme song of Aion, Invisible Sorrow, by speaking to the Daeva of Song.

Additional guards have been added to Eltnen, Heiron, Mortheim, and Beluslan where a Rift is open.

An Abyss Training Instructor no longer gives Ability Points and Abyss Points.

NPCs in villages have been strengthened so that the villages can better serve as safe zones.

An issue with the Balaur Guardian Deity General has been corrected.

Stigma Masters have been added to some of the major fortresses.

Ancient Relics reward NPCs Amarunerk and Momorinrinerk have been added at the deepest layer of Abyss to exchange the items acquired from the Abyss Fortress Dungeon with Abyss points.

To fully utilize some hunting grounds, the division of solo/party hunting grounds has been more distinguished. Named monsters have been added in the region, and some named monster rewards have been adjusted.

The power of the Guardian Deity Generals at all Abyss fortresses, excluding the Divine Fortress in Reshanta, has been increased.

The levels and abilities of the placed monsters in some level 17-20 areas have been adjusted upward.

A problem with falling under the topography while a monster or an opposite faction NPC chases the character has been addressed.


The fortress battle begins at Reshanta's deepest layer, the Divine Fortress.

The Divine Fortress can be conquered by certain rates, and you can enjoy fortress battles with higher rates. Guardian Deities appear here with more power than those of other fortresses.

The acquisition and loss amounts for Abyss Points have been changed. One loses small amounts of additional Abyss Points when killed in the area of the opponent faction, and small amounts of additional AP are gained when killing the opponent player in your own area. This includes Eltnen, Morheim, Heiron, and Beluslan.

A problem where only the total acquisition amounts of Abyss Points were displayed when killing several enemies at the same time has been corrected.

When using the Abyss Contributor, sorting requirements according to Abyss Points have been added, and the item search function has been enhanced.

Rifts can be used more frequently in the Bakarma Barracks of Beluslan and Indratu Barracks in Heiron.


Players can now log in to two clients on the same computer.

A number of topography and environment issues have been addressed.

  • Name is subject to change.