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Paorunerk is a Shugo storyteller who spends time in the Dionysia Tavern. He is always willing to spin a tale for a willing listener.

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"Welcome, welcome! Daeva has come to listen to Paorunerk's stories, yes?
There are many stories to tell. Secrets. Amusements. Scary tales for small Humans.
What does Daeva want to hear?"
1 "Tell me about the Five Seraphim Lords."
"Once upon a time. Well... hmm... Paorunerk cannot continue.
The Five Seraphim Lords... there are secrets, and then there are secrets.
For a Shugo to talk freely... The Guardians listen always..."
X "Shame..."
2 "Tell me a scary story"
"Long ago, one Daeva's thirst for knowledge was too great. Daeva was obsessed--thought of only potions day and night.
One day, he flew too far. Stole a secret ingredient, taken from secret temple. Mixed a potion, but did not know its power.
Foolish Daeva had to test the mixture. Said to no one, 'Skilled Daeva can always make antidote to fix problems.'"
1 "What happened then?"
X "Farewell."
"Daeva drank deeply, and gained knowledge. Also, large clumsy paws and big teeth. Could no longer mix potions, much less antidotes.
Could not speak, and neither Elyos nor Shugo was witness. Silly Daeva forgot most important Shugo lesson, and was expelled from Sanctum.
Too much learning is dangerous thing, but partners should always know where the Kinah comes from, yes?"
1 "That story sounds familiar..."
X "Farewell."
"Paorunerk's stories are old, and secret. Also, true.
Daeva has confused false truths from old wives with good storytelling, yes?
Or perhaps you are pulling Paorunerk's tail?"
X "Perhaps."
X "I have no use for stories."

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