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Fair compensation is better than dedication and sacrifice for honor.
– Pandora Agency motto

The Pandora Agency is an organization introduced in 6.5, aimed at players of level 80 focusing on endgame content. The agency is composed of two branches with different objectives; the Pandora Labor Agency and the Pandora Development Agency.

Players can interact with the agency in Lakrum in the faction's main base, Ancient Sanctum of Life for Elyos and Ancient Temple of Knowledge for Asmodians.

Pandora Labor Agency Edit

Pandora - Labor

The sole purpose of this branch is to offer PvE gear through a set of quests. In order to unlock the stronger version of the gear, the player must complete the questline for the Legendary Pandora set. Only there they may have access to the quests rewarding the tokens required for the Ultimate Pandora set.

Gear awarded by the Pandora Agency has slightly higher base stats (and notably higher critical stats) than their instance equivalents, at the expense of a significantly lower PvE attack and defense. This gear is mainly used by players as placeholders, to fill in for the missing pieces in one's Legendary or Ultimate set so that they may more quickly move onto the relevant endgame instances.

Legendary Pandora Set Edit

The questline is composed of five individual quests, each one rewarding a specific piece of armor (much like the former Daevanion questlines). Each quest asks the player to bring ten insignias, which are obtained from doing smaller tasks from the same NPC. Each task has a weekly limit of three times, with the exception of the Messenger quest, which is limited to once per week.

Such tasks include:

Every time the player completes one of the insignia quests, they will receive Pandora&#039;s Fruit <Pandora Seed> (E)/Pandora&#039;s Fruit <Pandora's Fruit> (A), being able to be used. Using them five times (once per armor quest) is required to complete the weapon quest, rewarding the Ultimate Pandora weapon for each class.

Ultimate Pandora Set Edit

The Ultimate Pandora set questline follows a similar structure to the previous stage. Each quest rewards a Arena of Glory Ticket <Pandora Certificate of Praise>, as well as an Exchange Stone which can be traded in for its respective ultimate piece (along with a specific amount of Letter type 7 <Pandora Equipment Exchange Certificates>, bought from the General Goods Merchant in Lakrum). Each quest asks for special quest items awarded for carrying out other lesser missions. These missions can be done twice per week, with the exception of the Messenger quest, which is limited to once per week.

Much like the legendary questline, they include:

Each Arena of Glory Ticket <Pandora Certificate of Praise> collected will count towards the second part of the Ultimate Pandora weapon quest.

Pandora Mark Edit

Upon completing both questlines, players will have access to the final steps. New repeatable quests will be available, but these can be completed infinitely with no time restrictions. They will be similar tasks to the previous quests, but consolidating them together with adjusted amounts. Each one will award three Pandora Mark <Pandora Marks> when completed. These tokens are required to perform the exchange for the remaining pieces not awarded through the quests, including a secondary weapon, accessories, headgear, plumes, bracelets and wings.

First, it is required to exchange Pandora Mark <Pandora Marks> for the Legendary Pandora pieces. The Ultimate Pandora pieces require their Legendary Pandora versions, additional Pandora Mark <Pandora Marks> and Letter type 7 <Pandora Equipment Exchange Certificates> as well.

Notes Edit

  • Since the Ultimate Pandora set questline requires 100p Essencetapping, if the character has not achieved high enough proficiency in previous patches, they will have to raise it by grinding around Oriel/Pernon.
  • Despite being able to complete all available weekly quests, it is not possible to complete the entire questline in one go. The weekly quests do not reward enough of the quest items, requiring the player to wait for the following week to complete the main quest.

Pandora Development Agency Edit

Pandora - Development

This branch gives access to the battlefields which take place on certain areas of Cygnea and Enshar. There are two types of battlefields which can happen. One will be PvE only, requiring to either defend a cart or escort an NPC as well as defeating bosses. The other one will be about PvP, where both factions are placed against one another, being required to perform a specific task before the opposing faction to win. Each battlefield will also have a different cap to the amount of players which can take part of it, being either up to 24 players (full alliance) or up to 48 players (two alliances in league).

Battlefields will be available through special rifts which spawn in the faction's main base in Lakrum. Rifts have specific times during the day in which they will spawn, only allowing up to a certain amount of players to join. If the player cap is reached, no others will be able to join. Upon entering, all players will be automatically grouped up together in an alliance. Leaving the battlefields' grounds will automatically kick the player from the alliance and teleport them back to Lakrum. Each battlefield has a 20 minute time limit to be completed, after which all players are sent back.

Players can win a battlefield by performing the battlefield's specific task and destroying the giant chest which spawns afterwards. Upon completion, all players will be kicked out and removed from the area after 5 minutes.

PvE Battlefields Edit

Areas Players Notes
Frostshard Cavern 24 The alliance will start at the south camp and will need to escort <Unstable Lekran> across the field. Halfway through, a group may be designated to go to Icy Hill and take down the three captains; <Beritra Assault Strategist>, <Beritra Assault Drillmaster> and <Beritra Assault Commander>. These are optional bosses, but will decrease the amount of monsters spawned.

Upon reaching the north hill, <Unstable Lekran> will stay in place, until all normal mobs in the centre are killed. It will then continue to move forward until it reaches the open area in the back of the cave, causing <Crude Hetgolem> to spawn. If killed, the battlefield is won and the chest will spawn in its place. If <Unstable Lekran> dies at any point or the timer expires, the battlefield is failed.

Wiltfog Briar 24 Waves of mobs will rush towards the starting camp and attack the <Mist Thorn Resource Transporter>. If it gets destroyed by them, the battlefield is failed. Mobs will keep coming until both bosses are killed, who spawn at set times. This includes <Webwitch Raka> and <Death Matron Skellia>. Portals back to the main camp will spawn at the end at each boss location, as that is where the final chest will spawn.
Leviathan's Ruin 48 Waves of mobs will rush towards the starting camp and attack the <Ruins Resource Transporter>. If it gets destroyed by them, the battlefield is failed. Mobs will keep coming until all three bosses are killed, who spawn at set times. This includes <Ferocious Nadanitasha>, <Rough Coralgrint> and <Roaring Tyranica>. Portals back to the main camp will spawn at the end at each boss location, as that is where the final chest will spawn.

PvP Battlefields Edit

Areas Players Notes
Black Fin Canyon 24 Both factions will start on opposite ends of the canyon. The objective is to take all the outposts/villages before the other faction. If a faction captures all of them, all members of the opposite faction will fail the battlefield and be sent back to Lakrum. The chest, only for the winning faction, will spawn on the outpost last captured.
Cloudtalon Valley 24 Factions will start on their own camps connected to two main paths. They both meet on the opposite side of the field, but guarded by a boss; <Clever Meramaru> and <Brutal Neh'Apulon>. Killing one will grant the team a PvE Attack buff. After a few minutes, <Depredator Demaluk> will spawn on the far east. Whoever kills him first, will win, and the final chest will spawn in his place upon death.
Wavehollow Brink 48 Both factions will start on opposite sides of the field. In order to win, a faction must capture and hold all outposts from the opposing faction. Doing so will mean they win the battlefield, while the opposing faction will lose and be removed from the area. The final chest will spawn on the outpost last captured.

Rewards Edit

Rewards from the final chest will have to be rolled on between all players. Opening them is required for the weekly quest rewarding Ereshkigal Cubicles and Red sack <Kibrium Bundle>. Rewards from the chest include:

Trivia Edit

  • Formerly unused areas of Heiron, Beluslan, Inggison and Gelkmaros (due to the 6.0 levelling remake) were upped to level 80, being used as ground for the Pandora Labor Agency questlines. Likewise, the same happened with the areas where the Pandora Development Agency battlefields take place in Cygnea and Enshar.
  • At first, Pandora Agency would show itself as a mysterious organisation with secret plans. After 7.0, it is revealed to actually be a subsidiary of Stellin Industries.
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