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Padma Cave Entrance

Entrance to Padmarashka's Cave

Padmarashka's Cave (Padma) is a 12 player alliance instance for level 55 and above. The entrance is located in the Forest of Antiquity in Inggison (Elyos) and Earthfang Gorge in Gelkmaros (Asmodians). This cave holds Tiamat's last Balaur control points in the region, <Padmarashka>, a Dramata, breeder of troops.

Backstory Edit

<Padmarashka> and <Sematariux>, the two Dramatas guarding the way into Tiamaranta had always been crucial for Tiamat's stance in Balaurea, supplying hordes of soldiers which would act as the first line of defence. However, the quick advance of Daevas in the region, foretelling an invasion on her capital, made the Dragon Lord reconsider. As a result, she ordered her Dramatas to abandon their nests and seek shelter deeper within her domain.

<Sematariux> fleed from Inggison, while <Padmarashka> stayed as her motherly instinct would not allow her to leave behind her eggs, despite the Daeva troops drawing near. Willing to accept that in order to complete her purpose, she will need to take a more active role in the battle.

Walkthrough Edit

The instance only has a single main boss; <Padmarashka>. There is no special setup for groups required, however high damage is essential later on un the run. As players enter, they will be greeted by Reian NPCs, offering the usual services. There will be a few Balaur guards in the way which the alliance should kill.

<Padmarashka> will be protected by Reflect <Protective Slumber>, making her invulnerable to damage. The only way to remove it and begin the fight is to take down her four guards around her; <Padmarashka's Elite Commander>, <Padmarashka Sartip>, <Padmarashka's Elite Captain> and <Padmarashka's Chief Medic>. It is extremely recommended to clear all Balaur guards before engaging <Padmarashka>, as all of them will run to her aid when attacked.

Padmarashka Edit

The fight is fairly simple in terms of mechanics. However, halfway through the difficulty curve ascends rapidly and certain deaths will happen. <Padmarashka> will periodically summon additional Balaur guards to the battle, requiring the groups to kill them. She will have the Taunt I <Tiamat's Protection> effect on her, which causes attackers to be put into a Cursed state (unable to recover MP) with a rather high probability.

Through her first phase, up until 75% of HP, she will only use Venomous Claw <Venomous Claw>, causing the affected to be poisoned, and Destructive Claw <Destructive Claw>, inducing a bleeding state. The added effect is that those hit by the other attack while still being under the effect of the first attack will receive additional damage. The skills are usually casted on the same targets each time, meaning it is recommended to stand away from the person being targeted by, for instance, Venomous Claw <Venomous Claw> while bleeding from Destructive Claw <Destructive Claw>.

The second phase starts after 75%. Her abilities will now include Macro type 1 <Brandish Tail> (a backwards cone-shaped AoE, inducing a staggering state), Lockdown npc <Padmarashka's Roar> (long range AoE that reduces the maximum HP, movement and attack speed for 30 seconds), Destructive Claw <Poisonous Breath> (a heavy damage over time applied to targets in front of the boss) and Macro type 1 <Barrier of Deadly Poison> (inducing all nearby enemies a poisoned state).

<Padmarashka'sPadmarashka> third phase gets potentially more active as she will use skills from previous stages and combine them with new ones, starting below 50%. Some of them is Tremor type 2 (NPC) <Chilling Gaze>, which will paralyse a target and those around it, and Destructive Claw <Whirlpool of Death>, dealing damage to everyone 25m further away. From time to time, <Padmarashka> will spawn a <Huge Padmarashka Spawn>, an egg which appears behind her which will release additional mobs on the battlefield. It can be easily destroyed easily.

Her last phase begins at 25% of her HP bar. She will activate her buff Deep Maternal Love <Deep Maternal Love>, increasing her attack speed considerably, and increase the frequency of her attacks. During this phase, a system message will pop up saying "The cave starts to crumble from Padmarashka's might.", indicating the edges of the cave will start collapsing. Standing on them will instantly kill any player. As such, the way to survive it is heading closer to the centre to <Padmarashka>.

As the fight goes on, nearing the end, circles will appear on random alliance members continuously. The player has a couple of seconds to get out of it. Otherwise, they will instantly die due to the damage of the skill. The best way here is to ressurect the dead as soon as possible. If too many people fall for this effect, then this will be the end and <Padmarashka> will reset.

If the party manages to overcome the Dramata's powerful abilities, they may loot her corpse for the desired loot.

Quests Edit


Rewards Edit

  • Padmarashka's Raging eternal weapons
  • Padmarashka's fabled armor
  • Balic Materials

Trivia Edit

  • <Padmarashka> and <Sematariux> were added in 2.0 as world bosses for Gelkmaros and Inggison respectively. After 2.7, <Sematariux> was removed, and the caves they spawned in were transformed into <Padmarashka'sPadmarashka> instance accessed from both regions.
  • For a long time, this instance stood as the only PvE instance in the game which required a league to enter, having a player limit of 48 people. After 5.8, it was lowered to 12 players and its fight was adjusted.
  • Kisks are allowed to be placed inside the instance because of the cave being part of the main world. The ability to set them up was kept even after transforming it into an instance.
  • Reflect <Protective Slumber> would originally reflect damage, but was changed after a while to a normal shield.

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