Raukus has too much work, and needs help killing the Poisontip Scolopens around the village.

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After getting the quest, kill the required number of Poisontip Scolopens and return to Raukus to get your reward.

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"I don't mind action, but it seems this work never ends! <Letum> dumps all the work on me, trivial or not, and I'm forced to complete it while others stand around.
I'm a talented soldier, but even <Contineo> could handle some of these tasks, and he used to be a farmer! What's even worse is I have residents asking me for favors. If I have to find one more lost Porgus... I swear on Azphel's shadow..."
1 "You have it rough."
"In addition to all the other work that needs doing, residents are complaining about rampaging Scolopens. Even a small sting from a Poisontip Scolopen can be fatal, but I don't have time to go out and kill the beasts."
Letum insists I do her work before I help the residents, even though none of this work is that important. Exterminating the Scolopens will save lives,. Can you lend a hand, [Player Name]?"

Accept Edit

"We've wiped out the Scolopens several times, but the beasts reproduce fast. However, a skilled Daeva might make a difference.
Kill the Poisontail Scolopens around here. I think about 14 should do the trick."
X "On my way."

Decline Edit

"It's fine, [Player Name]. I need to find time to do this. It's my job.
I just wish I had a twin sometimes..."
X "Who doesn't?"

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Even though I receive important assignments, I also get a lot of trivial work. I officer asked me to clean their armor. I know for a fact Contineo could do that.
I'd like to just start shirking responsibilities so that officers and residents would stop coming to me.
Well, what about the Scolopens, [Player Name]?"
X "It's done."
"Thanks, [Player Name]. You just got me another hour of sleep tonight.
The Scolopens will be back though. We just have to keep killing them until their numbers stop replenishing.
Take this as a reward. I hope it'll be useful. Now I'm off ot find a lost Porgus....ughhh."

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Raukus has too much work to complete on his own.

You helped him out by killing Poisontip Scolopens around the village, for which he was grateful.

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