As Moorilerk requested, make ginseng soup and deliver it to Toroonerk.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Put the Well-Dried Ginseng into Huge Cauldron to make some soup.
Hasia <Well-Dried Ginseng> (0/5)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, continue farther into Haramel to the Odella Processing Plant. The Ginseng is hanging on the racks there. Collect all five, and then interact with the Huge Cauldron. You will get the soup, that you need to then take to Toroonerk to collect your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Did the Daeva see all the ginseng in Haramel? Mountains of it. Those poor slaves are starving...but Hamerun eats three meals a day of that tasty ginseng! Nyerk!
Moorilerk loves ginseng. Always reminds Moorilerk of his friend Toroonerk at the Verteron Citadel."
1 "What? Are we old girlfriends now?"
"No, no, no, Daeva! Moorilerk is just reflecting on the past...reflecting out loud, nyerk.
But Toroonerk is very old. Poor Shugo works as a laborer. Would like to bring him some ginseng soup...but still under suspicion, nyerk. Moorilerk cannot leave area.
Maybe the kind, kind Daeva would bring my old Shugo friend some ginseng soup?"

Accept Edit

"Very kind Daeva, nyerk. Very kind. Moorilerk saw dried ginseng in the Odella Processing Plant in Haramel.
Get five tasty-looking pieces of ginseng, put them in the huge cauldron, and boil them down to soup. When all cooked and good, take it to Toroonerk.
And.... Shugo friend knows nothing of our Odium problem here. Please leave Toroonerk out of the loop, nyerk."
X "I won't say a word."

Decline Edit

"Daeva doesn't want to help old friend Moorilerk anymore? Daeva gets what Daeva wants and that is that? Nyerk?
Not nice, Daeva. Not nice."
X "Shugo can make his own soup!"

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

(There is a huge cauldron with some aromatic liquid boiling inside.)
(It would probably make a delicious soup if you put the dried ginseng in.)
X "I'll just drop it in like so...."

Failed Item Check Edit

(There is a huge cauldron with some aromatic liquid boiling inside.)
(You thought it would make a delicious soup if you put the dried ginseng inside...but the smell is disgusting.)
X "Ewww, smells like a wet Shugo."

Successful Item Check Edit

(The ginseng begins to tenderize in the boiling liquid.)
(A savory smell comes from the cauldron now.)
(You taste it, and it seems done.)
1 "I'll just scoop this into a bowl."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Toroonerk always gives Daevas the great service! Whatever you want, Toroonerk provide. Nyerk.
Daeva looking for anything special?"
1 "Moorilerk wanted you to have this..."
"Moorilerk? My old friend Moorilerk? He sent me...sniff, sniff...dried ginseng soup? Ahhh!
How is old Moorilerk doing these days, nyerk? I haven't seen that Shugo since he went to get rich somewhere.
I guess he made it if he can afford to send a Daeva to bring me soup."

Summary Edit

Moorilerk said he wanted to make a dried ginseng soup and send it to Toroonerk.

So you made Well-Dried Ginseng soup in a large cauldron and delivered it to Toroonerk, who thanked you.

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