Once you meet Ulgorn, he will give you specific orders to complete.

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Upon entering Aldelle Village the quest will enter into your log. Talk with Ulgorn to receive reward.

Dialogue Edit

"Blood for blood, [Player Class]! Good to see a new face around here.
Stick with us, and we'll watch your back when the knives come out. Work hard, and you'll earn your share of coin, too.
Ready for some raiding?"
1 "Blood for blood."
"Excellent. I like your spirit.
I'm Ulgorn, the boss around here. I hope you're ready to get your hands dirty."


You received an order from Ulgorn, who has set up a raider camp at Aldelle Village.

Notes Edit

  • Finishing this campaign quest opens up the other 7 campaign quests for Ishalgen.
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