Orashunerk received an order that needs Dried Ginseng. Get it for him.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Dried Ginseng> (0/3)

Basic Reward Edit

Reward 1 Ginseng Cookie
Reward 2 Ginseng Tea

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, go northwest to the Ginseng Plantation, on the way towards the Ice Claw Village. The dried Ginseng can be found on racks inside the Plantation. Gather 3 and return to Orashunerk. He will give you <Ginseng Tea> or <Ginseng Cookie>, which you then take to Embla in Slag Bulwark.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Orashunerk is famous, famous, famous!
Special, special order from far, far away!"
1 "Congratulations."
"Special order needs special, special ingredients. Dried ginseng!
Cooked with Aether rays by Munmun Skurvs, very tasty, very savory."
1 "Sounds delicious."
"But too, too far to travel, too dangerous for Orashunerk!
Helper-Daeva will help, help make Orashunerk world-famous!"

Accept Edit

"Go to Ginseng Plantation, bring back Dried Ginseng, soon, soon, helper-Daeva."
X "Yeah, I'm on it."

Decline Edit

"Orashunerk's fame--lost, lost!. Because of lazy no-good helper-Daeva!
Orashunerk spits on you!"
X "Okay, that's it, Shugo!"

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"Back so quickly! Did Daeva bring Ginseng?"
1 "Yes"
Without Ginseng
"Yes? More like no! No Ginseng, no special order!
You want to ruin Orashunerk, nyerk?"
X "Yes. I do."
With Ginseng
"Ginseng! Delicious Dried Ginseng! But what to cook, what to cook, Ginseng Cookies, or Ginseng Tea?"
1 "I think the Ginseng Cookies sound best."
"Fresh, piping hot cookies! Here, you take, take to Embla of Slag Bulwark!
1 "On my way."
2 "I think Ginseng Tea is better."
"Mix tea, crush Ginseng, mix with herbs...there!
Take to Embla , helper-Daeva, go to Slag Bulwark."
1 "On my way."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"From Orashunerk? For me?"
Ginseng Cookies (Reward 1)
"Oh, but they are delicious!
Tell him he lives up to his reputation."
Ginseng Tea (Reward 2)
"This smells wonderful!
Tell him he lives up to his reputation."

Summary Edit

You got Dried Ginseng for Orashunerk to make a special-order recipe with, then delivered what he made to Embla.

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