Ophidan Warpath map

Map of Ophidan Warpath

Ophidan Warpath, also called Balaur Marching Route, is a battleground instance for two groups conformed of six players between level 66 and 75. Introduced in 5.1, this instance is based around activating generators every certain amount time and gathering points from collecting and destroying special items.

This battleground shares landscape with the level 61-65 battleground Engulfed Ophidan Bridge, and the PvE instance Ophidan Bridge.

Backstory Edit

The fierce battles carried out in the Ophidan Bridge have left the outposts mostly destroyed. With the threat level of this region greatly decreased, Daevas and Balaur have both opted to neglect it and focus their effort on more relevant points. As time passed, Shugos, members of a grave robber band, started to show up and search for any valuable objects. With remains of great technology found, they used the parts to build even more advanced machinery.

This caught the attention of the Balaur, and therefore attempted to exchange their precious machines for treasures, to which the grave robbers agreed. To their misfortune, news of the trade reached the ears of the Daevas and decided to prevent it from happening. Aided by one of their members, Daevas figured out a way to retrieve the supplies without raising suspicion, by disguising as one of the Shugo exporters and stealing them.

However, when they arrived at the trade route, they found that the opposing faction had showed up too. The simple mission had turned into a savage war between Elyos and Asmodians, both wanting to acquire the technology for themselves.

Walkthrough Edit

Both teams will start on different ends of the map; the Advance Route Patrol Point and the Advance Route Defense Point. The map is composed of four camps in the middle, connected through paths on the sides of the mountain. However, the crucial ones are the South Post and North Post.

The objective is to accumulate the most points possible, which, at the end of the match, will determine whether the team wins or loses. Points can be acquired from killing the other team, slaying NPCs and interacting with the point-rewarding objects across the field. The teams have 20 minutes to acquire them.

The most important feature in this instance are the two <Beritra Army Power Generator> in the South Post and North Post. Every few minutes, it will be alerted as a pop-up message that one if the two generators will soon be fully charged. Which of both will be activated will be random. After 10 seconds, that one will be announced to have been fully recharged, and therefore the group must rush to both outposts to find an interactive generator.

By interacting with it, 1,000 points will be awarded to the team that activated it. Additionally, the player will be transformed into a Shugo for 2 minutes, preventing it from using any class skills, but allowing it to make use of two preset skills; Stealth Detection <Stealth Detection> (allowing the caster to see through stealth) and Sacrificial Power I <Destroy Locked Box> (usable on <Mechanical Weapon Test Part Box> to destroy them).

While in this form, the player must perform the most crucial task of gathering points. Each camp holds a <Mechanical Weapon Test Part Box>, hidden under stealth, only detectable with Stealth Detection <Stealth Detection>. Once one is found, they must be destroyed with Sacrificial Power I <Destroy Locked Box>. Upon destruction, it will reward 2,000 points to the team. If boxes cannot be located, the player may alternatively collect the <Mechanical Weapon Test Part>, each rewarding 200 points, only interactive during this form.

Other ways of acquiring points include <Snowy Hill AbexesSnowy Hill Abex>, <Snowy Hill Manduri> and <Violent Snowy Hill Manduri> across the map. There are two caves between the North Post and South Post, containing teleport statues to move between each other. After a few seconds from starting, teleport statues will appear in the starting points, giving players easy access to both outposts if they die.

After the 20 minutes have passed, points will be tallied, and the teams will automatically receive their respective rewards.

Quest Edit


Rewards Edit

Winning Team Edit

Losing Team Edit

  • Ap 1,120 Abyss Points (plus contribution)
  • GP1 30 GP
  • Xp 1,600,000 XP

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Ophidan Bridge version in which there are no Balaur present. All NPC enemies in this version are wildlife and Shugos.
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