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Ophidan Bridge map

Ophidan Bridge (OB), also known as Jormungand Bridge, is a group instance for players of level 63 and above which can be accessed from Wiltfog Briar in Cygnea for Elyos and Leviathan's Ruin in Enshar for Asmodians. It can be entered thrice a week.

An alternative version called the Engulfed Ophidan Bridge is available as a battleground during select times.


Far up in the mountains of Katalam, Beritra has built an armory housing one of his most powerful weapons yet: a Runic Siege Gun named "Vera" that is powerful enough to lay waste to the entire region of Katalam. The Elyos and Asmodians must scramble to destroy it before Beritra can deploy it, but Beritra’s army is cunning. The gun is across a narrow bridge, defended by four heavily guarded outposts and a special barrier, all obstacles that Daevas must overcome, to destroy the Runic Siege Gun before it can be used against them.

Although Katalam was destroyed, the camps remains as an operation center. Due to the runic cannon being destroyed, Beritra assigned Brigade General Velkur to protect the sentry posts. Additionally, a Shulack criminal part of the Sand Wanderer Traders, has taken shelter from Daevas with the Balaur. Daevas must catch the fugitive and clear the new commander of the Ophidan Bridge.


Pre-Upheaval Edit

Once inside, players have 30 minutes to destroy Vera. If time expires, all members inside the instance will get instantly killed by Vera's attack.

Players must first own all four sentry posts at the same time. In order to take them, a surkana must be destroyed. Similar to the Dredgion instance, if attacked, all nearby Balaur will be alerted and rush to the attacker. It is important to note that additional Balaur troops will spawn to defend a post if under attack. Most monsters will disappear if a base is taken. Some minutes after being taken by Elyos or Asmodians, the camp will be attempted to be captured by Balaur, therefore players might need to either defend or recapture certain camps.

Players will start out taking the Chokepoint Defense Post. It is advisable for the group to follow up taking the Southern Approach Post. They will then proceed taking out Northen Approach Post, following then the Bridgewatch Post. By the time the group finishes, the first and second posts might be owned by Balaur. They will have to retake them on their way to the starting point.

Once the four posts are captured, the bridge connecting to the final boss will stretch. However, Vera is protected by a power Reflecting Shield. To break it, a special mobile turret will spawn at the starting point, which can be used by one group member. The said player must have enough cannonballs, which should have been looted from the Balaur when taking the camps (do keep in mind they are untradeable). Once inside, the player has to move quickly to the other side of the instance, as the turret may expire if the group takes too long. While the player transports the turret, the rest of the group must escort him, as some enemies will spawn on the way.

In the Vera Control Center, players will have to take out two turrets on the sides, then proceed to take out the Vera Defender Archmage. Once finished, the mobile turret will go forward, use its special skill to destroy the shield on Vera and finish up with the runic cannon. Players will then be able to loot Vera for loots.

Post-Upheaval Edit

There is no time limit. Once inside, players may choose to either confront both the Fugitive Shulack and the final boss together or Spirited Velkur alone. The latter offers better rewards, although the difficulty of the instance and fights increases.

Provided players opt to fight both bosses at the same time, group members will have to chase the fugitive Shulack around the different bases, which may either be Fugitive Mazikin or Escapee Asachin. Once a camp is cleared, players may attack the patrolling named soldier, which once engaged will make the Shulack Fugitive attack. Players may trigger the Double Boss Fight by killing the named Balaur soldier first, as it will cause Shulack to run away to the following outpost. On the other hand, if players wish to go for the simpler fight, they will have to kill the criminal first.

It is important to notice the Assassin named soldiers in each outpost posses Disease Seed, a debuff skill which will make healing skills against the group member ineffective, however they can be easily removed. Additionally, they will from time to time paralyse players surrounding them. Reinforcements will spawn little after the bosses are engaged.

Once all camps are cleared and all bosses defeated, the portal leading to the Vera Control Center will spawn. On the other side, players will fight Spirited Velkur. Alternatively, if the party managed to force the Shulack criminal to retreat, both will be fought at the same time. Both have to be defeated at the same time.

Prizes Edit

Players obtain either a Ceramium medal or varied crafting materials each run. They also have a chance at obtaining a piece from the Vera Defender Set (Black Beritra skin).

Trivia Edit

  • The instance was originally for level 65 players, and its entrance located in the Beritra's Fist Garrison in Idian Depths.
  • If the player picks up a quest starting item from a Balaur soldier inside the instance, he will be able to start a quest which hints Kaisinel's/Marchutan's whereabouts after Beritra's invasion.
  • The Shulack criminals are tagged as <Sand Wanderer Traders>, therefore used to heat. They are commonly seen complaining about the low temperature of the area.

Media Edit

Aion Cutscenes - Ophidan Bridge HD

Aion Cutscenes - Ophidan Bridge HD

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