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Opeia is located in Dionysia Tavern from 6pm to 6am game-time only. She will sing a song for you at your request.

Opeia actually sings the song Forgotten Sorrow from the Aion soundtrack when you speak to her.

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"People dislike my songs because they hurt. They touch the wound in all our souls, torn open the moment Elyos and Asmodians first killed one another...
I'm fated to sing that sorrow hoping my songs reach the other side of Atreia.
Your eyes too have a song in them... reflective and mournful."
1 "Really? May I hear it?"
X "Vulture lover."
"Don't cry for me. How easy love has gone.
Try to see how deep my despair is.
Come the winds of fate and time,
Take all my tearful memories.
Call out to thee,
Sing your name in sweet harmony,
But only echos fade away.
Crying breeze to thee,
Every moment with chiding wind,
Where have gone silent tears.
Roaming 'round the whirling world,
Rough breath and dark,
Cruel blades and tears and sorrowful days
Burning 'way hollow hope.
Don't pray for God.
Where the angels have gone, so I seek.
Weep myself all gently 'til I'm blind."
X "Wow."
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