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Ondanius is a gatherer collecting herbs near Belbua's Farm in Verteron. He frequently sells rare herbs to the Black Cloud Traders, thanks to his connections with the Shugos.

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"Being a collector isn't easy. You face danger all the time, from beasts one moment and bandits the next.
But that's just life, isn't it? To live is to endure. And the village depends on me doing my duty."
X "Faith and arms."
With quests
"Sometimes, life is tough. But that's life for you. You just square your shoulders and you get on with it. Look at me. I collect food for the entire village.
Meanwhile, the Daevas of Sanctum are busy fighting the Asmodians in the Abyss. Did you know a Daeva can die forever in the Abyss? Some people think you Daeva never need worry about a thing, because you're immortal. How little they know.
Life may be hard sometimes, but while we are alive, we should thank the Five for it. No matter how tough it gets, it's better than being slaughtered by the Asmodians."

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