Eliminate the Petrahulk,s who turned on the Mau.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Get rid of Petrahulks.
Ice Petrahulk (0/10)
Quartz Petrahulk (0/7)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, head to the north and kill the required number of each type of Petrahulk.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

Chieftain Akagitan
"All our forrrrmer allies have turrrrned on us. Balaurrrr...spirrrrits...they all betrrrayed us.
But the Red Mane Mau will nnnnot kneel down and die! Not sssso long as!"
1 "Your strength does your race credit."
"We musssst kill our formerrrr matterrrr the pain in our hearts.
If spirrrrits threaten ussss...we must strrrrike back."
1 "Yes, blood for blood!"
"The Pertrrrrahulks attack us now...serrrrvants of the wild spirits. Join in the frrrriend! We will slay themmmm all!"

Accept Edit

"The Ice Petrahulks and Quartz Petrahulks...prrrrowl in the Frost Spirit Valley.
If they turrrrn their back on the Mau...we will turn ourrrr claws on them!"
X "Blood for blood!"

Decline Edit

"They're grrrreat...too grrrreat is their power forrrr the Mau to fight alone.
Will the Asmodians betrrrray us too?"
X "It's not betrayal!"

Reward Dialogue Edit

Chieftain Akagitan
"How goes...the hunt?"
1 "Very well."
"The Asmodians arrrre the true frrrriends of the Red Mane Trrrribe! Long live the Asmodians!"

Summary Edit

Akagitan, the chieftain of the Red Mane Mau, decided that if the spirits would turn on him, he must fight. You joined in the battle against the spirits' Petrahulk protectors.

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