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You heard Vandar was waiting for you. Follow the path and meet him.

Quest Information[]


Basic Reward[]


Talk with Asak to begin the quest. Locate and talk to Vandar which is standing on top of the hill to receive your reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"I saw you collapse. What happened to you?
Did a Sprigg catch you nappin'? Did you slip? Are you sick?
Don't slow us down, [Player Name]. We've got raiding to do."
1.png "I'm fine. It was nothing."
"Hmm. I'm glad that you're okay, then.
Quickly! Vandar wants to see you.
He saw you on the ground a minute ago, so you'll have to hop to it. You don't want him thinkin' you were sleeping on the job.
Hurry, he's waiting for you."


"That's more like it.
Vandar is standing over there, right by a milestone. Just keep to the path and hustle over there."
X.png "I'm on my way."


Whats wrong with you, [Player Name]?
If you're going to make it in this world, you can't afford to be lazy...."
X.png "I have to go."

Reward Dialogue[]

"[Player Name]...feeling better?
Surprised to see you on the ground. You looked tougher than most of the raider wannabes we get around here.
You were lucky we weren't in a hurry. I sent the others off to raze the Sprigg dwellings around here."
1.png "It won't happen again."
"That's what I want to hear.
We need all the [Player Class]s we can get our hands on, especially with these quotas of ours.
So, enough talk. There's work to be done."


For some reason you passed out. When you woke, Asak told you to talk to Vandar.

Vandar said he had to make sure you were fit for raiding, and he told you that there were heavy quotas to meet.