Order: Receive instructions from Leto to stop the Dukaki Kobolds from refining Odium.

Quest InformationEdit


<Striking Rod> (0/1)
<Odium Solvent> (0/1)

Basic RewardEdit

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Dukaki Alarm Bell

Dukaki Alarm Bell located in the Dukaki Settlement.

Dukaki Settlement Cauldrons

Use the Odium Solvent here.

Talk to Leto in Tolbas Village, he asks you to kill 9 Dukaki Miners in the Dukaki Mine area. When finished, return to him and he will tell you to kill a Tursin Bigmouth to obtain a striking rod. Then you must travel to the refining cauldrons and use the striking rod to ring the <Dukaki Alarm Bell>. When Overseer Redtum spawns, kill her and take her <Odium Solvent>. Use the solvent near the cauldrons and enjoy the cutscene. Return to Leto to complete this quest.


Initial DialogueEdit

"Every now and again someone asks us to clean up Dukaki Settlement. I usually just laugh. The Dukaki Kobolds overran that place long ago--it's a lost cause.
But this time it's about Odium, and where there's Odium there's Aether. We have no choice but to get involved."
1 "I'm listening."
"You remember that little Odium-mining operation the Kobolds were running in Poeta? Well that was small zigis compared to this.
Is it the Krall who are ordering them to refine Odium? We don't know the answer to that, but whoever it is, we have to stop them. There's no time to waste."
1 "Just tell me what to do."
"Go to Dukaki Mine and kill Dukaki Miners.
We might not be able to shut down the refining operation just yet, but we can slow them down."
1 "Faith and arms!"
Leto (after killing Miners)
"Do you see what I mean? Those Kobolds have to be stopped!
Did you kill some of the Dukaki Miners?"
1 "I did just what you told me."
"I have some new information about how the Kobolds are refining Odium.
My scouts say that Overseer Redtum, one of the Kobold supervisors, has some kind of refining potion she got from the Tursin Krall.
They use only a small amount of potion, and only at certain intervals. Use too much, and you neutralize the Odium. And neutralizing the Odium is exactly what we want to do."
1 "So where do I come in?"
"There's a bell near the cauldrons. A Tursin Bigmouth rings the bell when it's time to add the potion. If you defeat him first, you can take his Striking Rod and ring the bell yourself.
When Overseer Redtum comes to add the potion, kill her and take it. Then pour the whole bottle in at once, and there goes the Odium.
Got it?"
1 "Got it."
Leto (after destroying Odium)
"Oh, you're back! I've been on pins and needles waiting for your news.
Did you wreck the Odium operation in the Dukaki Settlement?"
1 "I did it!"
"Nicely done! You've definitely earned my trust, [Player Name].
And I'm not the only one who's impressed--Spatalos, the Brigade General, wants to see you.
Who knows? He might even have a reward for you. Don't keep him waiting."
1 "I'll see him at once!"

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Even the high command in Sanctum was getting nervous about the Kobolds and their Odium refining. Tell me how you stopped them, [Player Name]."
1 "I waited until the time was right..."
"I commend you for courageously volunteering for this mission...and skillfully executing it.
I hope you'll accept this token of my gratitude, and that of the Verteron Legion."

Summary Edit

By Leto's order, you defeated Dukaki Miners in the Dukaki Settlement.

To undermine the Kobold Odium-refining operation, you lured Overseer Redtum to you by ringing a bell, then defeated her and snatched the potion she used for refining Odium. You poured the potion into the cauldron, neutralizing the Odium.

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