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Defeat some Arachnas in the Octanu's Lair.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Goldthorn Arachnas> (0/10)
<Tiny Gold Arachnas> (0/10)
<Black Arachnas> (0/7)
<Tiny Black Arachnas> (0/7)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Go to Octanu's Lair and kill the required numbers of each type of Arachna. Return to Gelundorf for the reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Kentari aren't the only problem 'round here.
There's a cave out back of the Kentari Village, just swarmin' with Arachnas.
Now, they might as well be fluffy little kittens to us Daevas, but if they bite a Human--well, let's just say it isn't pretty."
1 "Swell up and turn black, eh?"
"You got it kid. That's the sort of thing makes most people not want to move here.
And that ain't right, y'know. It's Asmo land, it should belong to the Asmo.
Us Daevas gotta take care of things for the little guys that ain't got no fancy wings."
1 "Duty of a Daeva, I know."
"Right. So we gotta clean out that Octanu's Lair, so's folks won't get bit no more.
You gonna pitch in, kid?"

Accept Edit

"Go and squash some Goldthorn Arachnas, Tiny Gold Arachnas, Black Arachnas, and Tiny Black Arachnas.
Just make sure you don't get lost in there, kid. It's a big cave, you gotta make sure you can find your way out."
X "I'm immortal. However long it takes..."

Decline Edit

"Oh, you ain't gonna help, kid?
Think you're too big for this, think you gotta look out for yourself?
Aah, you're young. You'll learn."
X "Don't talk down to me."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"You check out that cave yet, clear those creepy-crawlies?"
1 "Squashed them flat."
"Hey, don't drip any of that bug blood on me, kid. This is my good uniform, y'know.
You did good though. Lots of folks are gonna have you to thank for helping 'em settle down here."

Summary Edit

Gelundorf said the Arachnas would be a problem for potential settles.

You went to the Octanu's Lair and cleared out a bunch of Arachnas.

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