<Supervisor Numonerk> wants to send a demand note to <Une>, who has not paid for the weapon she ordered. Go to the Verteron Observatory and deliver the demand note to Une.

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Objectives Edit

Basic Reward Edit

  • Xp 80,400 XP

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, talk to Supervisor Numonerk. Deliver the letter to Une in Verteron Observatory.


Initial DialogueEdit

"Say...are you looking for a job?"
1 "Depends on the job."
" Well, I ask because Supervisor Numonerk of the Wind Breeze Shop has been asking me to find someone who's on their way to the Observatory.
He only wants to send a letter. If you've got the time and are headed that way, you should speak to him before you leave."

Accept Edit

"You might find it a rewarding experience, Daeva. Numonerk is willing to pay handsomely--he's been asking about this for some time now.
Head up the stairs over there and you can't miss him."
X "I'll do that."

Decline Edit

"Well, if you aren't going that way, I can understand your reluctance. You're missing out, though.
I'll just have to find another Daeva--one who wants to make some easy Kinah. ::X "Good luck."

Intermediate DialogueEdit

Supervisor Numonerk
"You speak to Stone? He sent you?
Akakak! Good news! For once Stone brings good news! Numonerk needs to send a letter. Can't go myself, far too busy.
This should be easy, Daeva, even for you. Akakak! Just take the letter, and give the letter. Simple?"
1 "Deliver it to… who?"
"Oh, yes. Daeva is quick.
Letter must go to Guardian Une. Wanted an item from Sanctum. Asked Numonerk. Was very difficult item to get hold of, very difficult. But where's my Kinah? Nowhere.
Please, deliver this demand note to Une. It's only fair."
1 "I'll take your note."

Reward DialogueEdit

"Before I arrived here I thought I'd moved up a rung on the ladder.
I mean, I know we're cogs in the glorious machine, but I thought I was becoming a vital cog.
Not a glorified cleaner."
1 "This is for you..."
"Even better... Numonerk's coming after his money.
I would have paid him long ago, but that little miser hiked up his prices. He procured a fine weapon, but it's not worth half what he's asking.
I can tell you this – I won't be trading with a Shugo again."

Summary Edit

Supervisor Numonerk wants to send a demand note to Une, who has not paid for the weapon she ordered. Go to the Verteron Observatory and deliver the demand note to Une.

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