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Nola is a scarecrow at Northern Tolbas Forest of Northern Tolbas Forest[sic] in Verteron. Surprisingly, it can speak.

Nola is the farmer Belbua's scarecrow. He has been abandoned, as Belbua hasn't been seen in quite some time. There are stories that Belbua talked to Nola and thought he was alive! It turns out this is true, as the scarecrow will talk to you and his head will follow you around. Nola asks you to do him a few favors, such as gather pumpkins and get rid of the Lepharist bandits that have crowded around his field.

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"Nola watches.
Nola speaks to you. Stranger. See me.
Nola watches for the master."
1 "Who is your master?"
X "I think I'd better move along."
"Belbua...he first woke Nola. From the darksleep.
He is good. Kind. Make Nola strong.
But he is taken!
Strangers. They took the Master. The sadness. Rotting in me."
X "I'm sorry for your loss."
With quests
"Nola sees you."


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