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Take the Fake Stigma to Raninia, a Daeva of Dream Reading, to find out why Fake Stigmas make you have nightmares.

Quest Information[]


Basic Reward[]


After getting the quest, go to Arbolu Haven and talk to Raininia to collect the reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"Those strange dreams we talked about, [Player Name]...seems they're passing around here like a plague. Nightmares everywhere!
Corrupting our unconscious minds, they are! Even I had one after touching that blasted Fake Stigma!"
1.png "Creepy dream, huh?"
"Worst nightmare I ever had! I heard voices and screams...but didn't see any faces.
But I do remember hearing the name "Kromede" shouted a lot. It got me thinking...there's this Asmodian named <Kromede the Corrupt> at the Fire Temple in Asmodae.
I'm thinking that there might be some connection...a rift between reality past and present. Would you look into this matter a little more closely? You seem to have the right mind for it."


"I think the best approach would be to investigate this nightmare first, then see what hold it has on reality.
Take passage to Arbolu Haven and find the Daeva of Dream Reading, Raninia. She's the master at interpreting dreams.
Here...take this Fake Stigma with you. Show it to her. See what she has to say about it."
X.png "The mystery unravels."


"'re busy? Your "busy" doesn't have something to do with avoiding the nightmares, does it?
Well, wherever you're off to, maybe you can see if they sell little baby wings...because you don't deserve the pair you have now."
X.png "Even generals can disappear, sir."

Reward Dialogue[]

"I received a message from Brigade General Perento about your arrival, [Player Name].
You've brought an item that makes you have nightmares?
Please, let me see...."
1.png "Here's the Fake Stigma."
"Yes, yes...a Fake Stigma. Looks almost identical to a real one.
Let me crawl into the deep recesses of my mind...and see if I receive the nightmare as well.
This shouldn't take very long."


Brigade General Perento said he had suffered from nightmares since handling the Fake Stigma. He said there might be some meaning behind it.

He said Raninia, a Daeva of Dream Reading, would be able to interpret the nightmare. So you brought the Fake Stigma to her, and she induced a trance to experience it.

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