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Raninia said she could send you inside your nightmare to find its meaning.

Quest Information[]


Basic Reward[]


After getting the quest, enter Kromede's Trial. Complete the instance. Exit and talk to Raninia to collect the reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"You were right, [Player Name]. I had the same nightmare as the one you told me about.
It was strange.... I could understand what was being said, even though they were Asmodian. This nightmare must speak directly into the dreamer's soul.
Think of this Stigma as a small child. And this child has much he wants to say, but can't or won't voice it. I believe he's either scared or very shy."
1.png "The Stig-- the child must say something."
"We can't force him...not in this realm. I think someone should go into Kromede's Trial and listen to what the Stigma has to say.
Then we can interpret the nightmare that both you and Brigade General Perento had.
Since you heard from our "child" first, I think you should do it, [Player Name]. It seems you."


"Controlling the waking life within a dream isn't as simple as it sounds, Daeva. Once inside, you'll be completely untethered from our reality.
You'll be on your own, [Player Name]. I won't be able to help you there.
Think carefully about your decision. Come back when you decide."
X.png "I will return with an answer."


"I understand, [Player Name]. The dream world can be a frightening place.
The rules of that land are not the same rules that you know.
Our child is strong...he will not let me see inside his mind. We must find another way."
X.png "You must try again."

Intermediate Dialogue[]

"You have decided bravely, [Player Name]. I am glad.
It is now time to begin...hold my hands. I will send you into the dream a place that will feel familiar yet different. Close your eyes."
1.png "I feel...light as Aether."

Over Level 44[]

"You seem to have grown. I guess the nightmares won't bother you now.
Besides, there are far more important things that will require your attention, [Player Name]. Always know that you can come back to me for help."
X.png "Thank you."

In a Group[]

"Venturing through one's nightmare requires a strong psychic bond. There must be nothing interrupting the connection between you and me, [Player Name].
I'm sorry, but I cannot permit others to interfere. You must enter alone. You must leave your friends."
X.png "I understand. One moment."
Maga's Potion
(Something glows inside the Crystal Ball.)
(It says "Maga's Potion" on the holder.)
(Looks like the item that Kaliga has asked you to get.)
1.png "This is it...."
(You suddenly get a strange, ominous feeling.... Something is wrong with Robstin!)
(You must grab Maga's Potion and rush back to Kaliga's Manor.)
1.png "Quickest way is to teleport there."

Without Key[]

(The Crystal Ball won't open.)
(A key may be needed to open it. Find out if Divine Hisen has this key.)
X.png "I must get to Divine Hisen!"
Robstin's Corpse
(Your trembling hands examine the body of Robstin.)
(He has been tortured and beaten. He is almost unrecognizable in this condition.)
(You are both infuriated and saddened, and you want to destroy the person that did this to Robstin.)
1.png "I will not forsake you, Robstin!"

Reward Dialogue[]

"Finally, you've awakened! I thought you were...dead.
You've been asleep for some time, [Player Name]. Were you able to penetrate the dream?
What was the Stigma trying to say?"
1.png "I saw the truth...."
"I think our child may have been the culmination of the pain of this broken, tortured love, coalesced into a Stigma....
The suffering of Robstin and Kromede must have been immense for this to happen. But you avenged their sorrow, [Player Name].
I do not think you will be bothered by this nightmare any longer. You have righted this wrong."


Raninia, a Daeva of Dream Reading, said she could help you enter your nightmare to find its meaning.

You went inside Kromede's Trial and became Kromede. You were able to see what she had to do to save her lover, Robstin.

You woke up from the nightmare and told Raninia. She was certain the dreams would never return.

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