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Nidia is a citizen of Sanctum, and she has no respect for Daevas because there's no labor involved in earning ascension.

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Dialogue Edit

"Don't let me keep you. I'm sure you've many sacred duties to attend to."
1 "What's with the sarcasm?"
X "Farewell"
"You Daevas never earned your wings. You just got them one day, free of charge.
How do you think that makes us common humans feel, working ourselves to the bone and knowing it'll never help us earn ascension?
No wonder you all look down on us. We're just salving away for nothing."
1 "I never look down on humans..."
X "Farewell."
"I'm sure you never do. As I'm sure a Shugo never cheats on a deal.
So go about your important business, Daeva. And enjoy your eternal life."
X "Ariel guide you."
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