Order: The Kobolds are trying to refine Odium into Aether. Stop them with the help of Vice Captain Tula.

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  • Xp 17,425 XP

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Location of Odium Cauldron

Location of the cauldron.

Speak with Tula to get the quest. Go to the cauldron within the mine and obtain a sample. Take the sample to Pernos, located along Agaric Spore Road. Next kill Shade Fungen located along the road and obtain 3 Mushroom Spores. Update again with Pernos who will give you a solution. Take the solution back to the cauldron and pour it in. Talk to Tula again to update. Go back and speak with Mercenary Captain Kalion to collect the reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Here, [Player Name]. I need to talk to you about the Tursin tribe.
"They're are a fairly minor tribe as far as the Krall go, but the Krall are never pushovers.
The Balaur knew that, which is why they decided to use the Krall rather than exterminate them back before the Cataclysm. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if they're still serving the Balaur."
1 "The Balaur?"
"Ah, right--your memory. I'll put it this way, [Player Name]. Some say the Asmodians are the greatest threat to our way of life. Others say those people just haven't met a Balaur.
I haven't seen one myself, to be honest. But I know people with family members who've ascended and fought in the Abyss. Apparently, the Balaur don't leave many survivors.
Anyway, let's focus on the immediate threat and put a stop to the Kobolds' attempts to extract Odium."'
1 "How can I help?"
"Our scouts tell us the Kobolds have been boiling something in a cauldron--probably experimenting with the Odium. It's imperative we learn what they're planning.
Infiltrate the Kobold compound, steal a sample from that cauldron, and take it to Pernos out on Agaric Spore Road; he's the only one with the expertise to analyze the substance.
By the way, Pernos is a bit of a hermit, so don't expect him to welcome you with open arms."
1 "It will be done."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"What? I don't have any words of wisdom for you, [Player Class].
State your business or be gone."
1 "Well, you see..."
"You won't hear me say this often, but you were right to come to me.
Should the Krall learn to manipulate Aether, the forest will suffer along with the rest of Poeta.
I can perform a preliminary test on the substance now, if you'll hand it to me."
1 "Here you go."
"Ah yes, I've seen this before.... Now what was that concoction I made to neutralize it? Powdered Abex Horn... Bellepig fat....
I can make a solution that will render the contents of the cauldron inert. Fortunately, I have most of the ingredients here, but I need you to fetch me Fungen Spores from the local Shade Fungen.
You'll find the creatures on the Agaric Spore Road. Go on."
1 "I'll be right back."
"Well, [Player Class]?
I trust you have the spores I asked for?"
1 "Here, take this."

Failed Item Check Edit

"You're either a liar or a fool, [Player Class]. I tolerate neither.
Now, fetch me the spores this instant!"
X "Forgive me. I'll return with them."

Successful Item Check Edit

"Don't expect me to be impressed.
Wait here while I prepare the solution.
So... water from Cliona Lake, a splash of wine, powdered Abex Horn, Bellepig fat, and finally... the Mushroom Spores you brought."
1 "Is it ready?"
"You're more impatient than I am. I like that in a person.
Now, it just needs a little shake, and... that's it.
All right, go back to the Cauldron and pour this into it. It's toxic, so handle it carefully."
1 "Thank you, Pernos."
"There you are, Player Name]! Our Merc scouts tell me you were successful in your mission.
You've set the Krall refining operation back a good bit. Outstanding work--it seems your growing reputation is well deserved.
Report to Captain Kalio--he's asked for you personally."
1 "Faith and arms."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"I've heard about your accomplishments, [Player Name]. In fact, Tula gave me quite a glowing report.
You're setting a fine example for the others--keep it up and you'll be in line for a promotion before long.
Here's your reward."

Summary Edit

You heard from Tula that the Dukaki Kobolds were trying to refine Odium.

To prevent the Tursin Krall from using the power of Aether, you decided to find out what was in the solution.

You took the Fluid Sample to Pernos. He analyzed the sample and created a neutralizing solution, which you then poured into the cauldron to halt the refinement process.

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