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Nemia is a resident of Tolbas Villager. She takes good care of her husband <Hianu>.

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Starts quest

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"Wait...didn't I just sweep this?
I'm sorry...I can't seem to keep my mind focused. You look familiar, Daeva. Do I know you from somewhere?
I've spent my whole life in this village. But some's like I don't remember this place at all."
1 "What happened?"
X "Good day, Miss."
"It's Hianu's fault. How can I think of anything but him when he's away all the time? I'm so worried about him.
It's not like he's luxuriating on the Cantas Coast. He's out there with all those dangerous creatures in the forest, withering away no doubt.
People say I worry too much, but he's my husband! I just want him safe and sound...and here with me."
X "Have faith."
With quests
" you have a moment? I would speak with you...if you have the time."

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