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Neior is a Daeva of Medicine at Morheim Ice Fortress. An expert with folk remedies, he is currently working on a new medicine based on Tripeeds.



Starts quests


"Good day, [Player Name].
Are you feeling unwell? You look a little tired.
Do you have any little aches or pains?"
1.png "I am a little tired..."
"I knew it.
Did you know some Daevas are weaker than Humans these days? It's a terrible truth! But I'm developing a medicine to help! Why don't you try it?
It isn't fully tested yet, but it won't harm you! I'm almost completely sure it's safe. Nearly certain. I would be very surprised if it was fatal. It's made of Tripeed Seeds.
You don't want it? What's to worry about?"
X.png "I feel better all of a sudden."
2.png "I'm at the very peak of health."
"No? You look this pale and still say no?
I think you have too much confidence in your health.
Well it's true that Daevas don't die, but they do get sick!"
X.png "I feel fine, really."
X.png "I don't want to talk about it."
With quests
"May the protection of Azphel be with you."

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