Necklace equipped

Player wearing a glowing necklace.

A Necklace is an equipment accessory which can be used by all classes. They can be visibly seen on your character and enhance specific attributes. Necklaces will add Magic Resist, and may add different combinations of other attributes. Selecting the right necklace to match attributes with the class can improve attributes for a character. For example, a Chanter would wear a necklace with Physical Crit and Magic Boost, while a Cleric would want a necklace with HP and Magic Boost. Some necklaces can be remodeled, however you cannot enchant a necklace. Necklaces can be crafted by a handicrafter, found as drops, rewarded from quests, or purchased on the Broker.

Rarity Edit

White Necklace type 1 White Necklace type 2 Common (White) These are the most commonly dropped items.
Green Necklace type 1 Green Necklace type 2 Superior (Green) These are still frequently dropped by NPCs.
Blue Necklace type 1 Blue Necklace type 2 Heroic (Blue) These items are hard to find and have better attributes. Contribution vendors sell these items for AP and <Silver Medals>.
Gold Necklace type 1 Gold Necklace type 2 Fabled (Gold) These items are very rare drops. They are quite expensive from Contribution vendors requiring lots of AP and <Gold Medals>.
Orange Necklace Eternal (Orange) These items are the rarest and can only drop from rare world bosses or instance bosses. Eternal items can also be crafted by master crafters.
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