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<Ampeis> has a side job collecting mushrooms. However, Shortbristle Bellepigs have been sniffing them out and eating them all. Help Ampeis by cutting down their numbers.

Quest Information[]


Basic Reward[]

Optional Reward[]


Talk with Ampeis to obtain quest. Kill 8 Shortbristle Bellepigs and return to Ampeis to receive reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"Hey, [Player Name], I want to talk to you about something.
I heard we have to stay here in this area until the Kerub problem is solved. We work long, hard hours, the pay is poor, and some villagers feel that paying mercenaries means they can treat us as their servants!
I'm a hired blade, not a sky-happy courier! I want to leave but orders are orders. Even though you are new here, I think you understand, yeah?"
1.png "Tell me about it..."
"Now, don't get me wrong--it's not all bad. I've managed to get a posting out here in the Daminu Forest, and it turns out this place is pretty ripe with… opportunities.
I'll let you in on a little secret, [Player Name], because I like you. Those villagers love mushrooms! They grow underground, and if you know where to dig, you can make quite a bit selling them.
And the best part is, the villagers are too scared of the beasts out here to gather them on their own!"
1.png "And they pay you well?"
" Sure do! Turns out the villagers consider the mushrooms a local delicacy. Only problem is, they've become harder to find lately.
But I've got it figured out. The Shortbristle Bellepig is the only forest creature that likes mushrooms as much as the townsfolk. They've been eating a hole right into my profits.
So I was thinking, if two of us work together, we can eliminate the competition! We both cull a few of the Bellepigs and I'll make sure you get a healthy cut of the profit I make."


"Smart choice, [Player Name]. I knew I could count on you.
Just head a little further into the forest and you'll find plenty of Shortbristle Bellepigs to get started on. We'll meet back here when you're done. "
1.png "Okay. See you soon."


"You know, there was a vote to accept you into the unit, '[Player Name]. I'll tell you now, I spoke up for you when others were against the idea.
I guess I was wrong. You're not a real mercenary after all."
1.png "I have proper work to do, Ampeis."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Done with the Shortbristle Bellepigs already?
I haven't even gone out to do my part yet! You must be pretty fast…"
1.png "I took care of your… problem."
"Great work! Now I can get to my favorite spot and collect a good batch of mushrooms!
I had a good feeling about you, back when we first voted to let you into the unit. I see now I was right to speak on your behalf.
I'd give you a cut of the profit, but, well, I don't have the money right now. I got some food I can share, though…"


You helped Ampeis get his side job back by hunting the Bellepigs that were eating the mushrooms.