Melponeh, a naturalist, wants some Mushroom Hearts to study. Go to the Agaric Spore Road and hunt <Fearless Fungies>!

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Fungie's Heart> (0/3)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Talk with Melponeh to obtain quest. Kill Fearless Fungies and obtain 3 Fungie's Hearts. Go back and talk with Melponeh and receive reward.


Initial DialogueEdit

"[Player Name], let's talk for a moment. It'll take my mind off my wounds.
Please, answer me this: Sapien history...does it interest you at all?
You're a mercenary, like me. We've spent most of our time here culling the local wildlife, and I've come to find the Poeta environs intriguing."
1 "In what way?"
"In every way, really! This region is remote, so it's seen few battles. As a result, there are undisturbed ruins here. And the animals...they're wonderful
For instance...have you seen the Fearless Fungie? They're an amazing species unique moment...
Damn that Worg..."
1 "Are you okay?"
"I'm getting better. My fever has gone. The wound still...burns, though.
Anyway, I'd like to study the Fearless Fungie. Rumor has it that they were simple plants, transformed by the Cataclysm...mutated!
Will you help me study these creatures, [Player Name]? I'd like a few specimens. Or...rather, their hearts."


"Excellent! I knew you had a curious mind.
The Fearless Fungies roam on the Agaric Spore Road. I'd like to have a few hearts for my anatomy sketchbook.
A scientific curiosity to ponder...while I heal. To think...a plant with a heart!"
X "I'll be back soon. You just read and rest."


"A shame...
I shouldn't expect mercenaries to share my enthusiasm for natural studies. Though I wasn't born a love for this world grew over time.
You better get going, [Player Name]. But look more closely at the world around you, eh?"
X "Try to rest a little, Melponeh."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"You're back!
Did you find...the Mushroom Hearts?"
1 "Are these okay?"
"[Player Name], these are perfect!
Now I can study these and learn if they arose out of the Cataclysm...or natural evolution...A perfect project to calm a fevered mind!
Thank you, friend. Please...take this as a token. I'll mention you in my paper, too."


Melponeh is an amateur historian specialising in Sapien history. She asked you for some Fearless Fungie hearts to study while she heals from an infected wound.

You hunted Fungies on the Agaric Spore Road and brought their hearts to Melponeh, who can now study the Cataclysm's effect on the natural world.

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