As Zephyros requested, get rid of the Aether carts and processed Odella in Haramel.

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After getting the quest, enter Haramel. Destroy the Aether Carts in the Odium Refinery and Odium Strip Mine and then burn the Processed Odella in the Odella Processing Plant. After exiting Haramel, return to Zephyros to collect your reward.

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"I heard you handled Haramel extremely well, [Player Name].
And you managed to make Hamerun disappear and leave his little Odium operation drifting on the wind? Impressive.
I've sent some soldiers in to clear away some of the wreckage you left, but we still need to dismantle this situation from the ground up."
1 "What were you thinking?"
"Well, Haramel is much bigger than I first thought. A lot of Kinah got poured into that operation. There's state-of-the-art equipment all over the place
My first thought was to kill off all the Dukakis and Skurvs there, but then anyone could come in, take the equipment, and start the operation someplace new.
What we need to do is destroy the equipment! Destroy everything! Burn it to the ground. Can you handle that, [Player Name]?"

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"Good, good. This Flame Orb will help you. It'll burn anything, even items that have Aether in them.
The first leg of this operation is to burn those Aether carts up, so they can't move anything from that location.
The second part is to incinerate all that bad Odella. It's tainted...dangerous. It's of no use to us."
X "It'll go up in smoke."

Decline Edit

"So you're just going to wash your hands of Haramel, then?
Well, I guess you've already done quite enough, [Player Name], but we sure could use you out there."
X "I'll watch for the smoke from home."

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"Thank Aion you're back, [Player Name].
Did Haramel burn like a funeral pyre? Any problems?"
1 "Haramel is out of business."
"Ah, that's grand news, [Player Name]. Grand news.
If it was up to me, we would have burned that whole place to the ground. But I think Sanctum has something up their sleeve for the real estate.
At least that bad Odella won't be hitting the streets now."

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Zephyros said the remaining facilities in Haramel should be destroyed so that bad Odella doesn't hit the streets.

So you destroyed the Aether carts and burned the illegal Odella up. When you returned, he gave you a reward.

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